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Green Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Green Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Council of Ministers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently issued the facility of Green Card. The proposed privileged residency iqama will offer the holder the following benefits:

  1. Recruit domestic workers
  2. Issuing visitor’s visa
  3. Own property

This card or rather known as the Iqama will cost approximately Saudi Riyal 800,000 if he wants to go for permanent residency. If the individual wants a one-year residency, it is fixed for Saudi Riyal 100,000. The Council is in the process of issuing other requisites for the applicants. This calls for the applicants to possess professional or scientific skills. This privilege will be offered to the highly skilled and wealthy expats, a resident visa where they do not need an employer or local sponsor.

This opportunity will afford the individuals a freedom of movement where there is not needed to exit or entry again and they will have the ability to work in the private sector together with owning the properties and obtain visas for the relatives.

The Council has decided to provide for the following kinds of residency:

  1. Unlimited
  2. Valid for a year with the option of renewal

The Expats will be payment certain amount of fees that will be determined by the regulations to be developed by the Special Privilege Iqama Center. The regulations outline the process for application. It required the submission of passport and adequate financial resources along with the health report and a certificate stating clean criminal record.