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Kuwait Boat and Jet Ski Registration Regulation Update

Kuwait Boat and Jet Ski Registration Regulation Update


Kuwait has a substantial expatriate population. Similar to the other GCC nations, it has a significantly above-average percentage from a global perspective. Around 70% of the populace are from foreign lands, and these people may live in the country for a considerable number of years. However, there are many regulations which apply only to nationals of the country and not residents.

The country is a highly developed one which is recognised around the world as an attractive business location. It is also a location which presents great appeal for potential employees who wish to work and live there. The lifestyle that many hear of and expect in more senior positions can be quite lavish, and given the climate, boating and sea-related outdoor activities are common.

One area in which the law is presented differently for residents and nationals is that of registering and owning boats and jet skis. It is not possible to register these at this time, though that may soon change with an upcoming regulation.


Residents will be much pleased to hear that it will soon be possible to register boats, jet skis and similar watercraft under their names. There are a few essential requirements to this, with the most obvious being that a valid resident’s permit is needed.

Law Number 46 of 1997 covers marine craft and will apply to any that are registered. Registration takes place with the Marine Transport Department, and the documents of ownership, insurance and identification are needed to be present.

There is a certificate of ownership that the owner of the vessel must obtain which is available for KD 16 which is renewed for KD 6. So long as these base requirements are met, the registration is possible under the name of the expatriate resident.