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Kuwait Assembly Decided on Tourist Insurance Requirement

Kuwait Assembly Decided on Tourist Insurance Requirement



Kuwait is a highly popular tourist destination with its great weather and well-developed tourist attractions. The county is highly popular with foreigners with a large amount of the population consisting of expatriates.

Visiting the country or traveling abroad, in general, is a process which requires planning and thought. One of the crucial areas that are at the top of the list in importance is that of health insurance and health care in general.

The Kuwait National assembly has recently made amendments to the foreign visitor’s health insurance requirements; this ensures the protection of tourists and other people who visit in the unfortunate event that they end up requiring medical assistance, and it also provides that they do not use public health facilities which are specifically for nations ID holders.

National Assembly Decision

The Assembly has decided through a vote that it shall be compulsory for foreign visitors to obtain medical insurance before attempting to gain their visa. The insurance must cover the entirety of the visit. The vote to introduce this change was substantially supported by the MP’s with 47 voting for it and four against it.

The upcoming change does not specify limits to how much the charges can be on visitors for insurance. The purpose is instead to ensure all who visit have policies. The ministry may issue no visas without first confirming the presence of the insurance policy.

The regulation has not yet been introduced, though when it is added in the official gazette, it will come into effect within one month. Fortunately, citizens and residents will not need to worry about the change when they arise.