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Offshore Drilling in Atlantic Ocean

Offshore Drilling in Atlantic Ocean

The House of Representatives in the United States has passed two new bills that permanently ban offshore oil and gas drilling off the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This measure has been undertaken in order to tackle climate change, wherein oil spills from drilling activities in the regions mentioned have further threatened jobs in the marine sector. A third bill, that aims to permanently ban drilling activities in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, will be voted on today.

 The Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Reserve is renowned for its wildlife population, encompassing of polar bears, caribous and various other birds. The United States Government under the Trump Administration has endorsed a policy of easing the environmental regulations on emissions from oil and gas operations. There are voices of concern that say such policies will only increase the dependency the United States has on oil-producing states such as Saudi Arabia and Russia.