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Oman Foreign Residency Regulation Amendment

Oman Foreign Residency Regulation Amendment


The basic premise in Oman until recently was that to obtain an ID card and residency, one would have to get a job and visa. This idea is very much prevalent among the GCC and Middle Eastern nations and generally also applies to the family members of one who is employed within the country. A spouse and children under the age of adulthood are permitted to stay in the country without any other to work, though in Oman, it used to be that from the age of 21, any children would have to leave or find work.

A recent announcement from a senior police official has provided us with information regarding how this has now changed, and what the new requirements to avoid this are.

Oman Investors

Foreign investors who have put their time and money into the country will now be able to obtain ID cards for their children, siblings, and family even once they exceed the age of 21, and this will allow them to remain within the country. The reason for this is to promote the state as a great investment opportunity and set it above other locations in the region.

There has been a call for such a change for a while now, as investors have been seeking further incentives to go to Oman or to remain there. This change will allow for greater stability in these individuals’ lives and provide them with a highly desirable incentive to stay.

The change is one which will no doubt be highly appreciated and will allow for even more significant growth of the foreign investor sector of the Omani Economy.