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Oman Decree Amending Women Equality Convention Reservations Introduction

Oman Decree Amending Women Equality Convention Reservations


Equality among the sexes has become a larger and more widely considered issue within in the Middle East. It is an issue which has been in constant development in many nations around the world, and one of the critical ways in which this has been handled is through international agreements.

A crucial regulation of this kind is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women; this is a UN agreement of which Oman has ratified. However, there were until recently, certain reservations that the Omani Sultanate had placed over the agreement.

A recent breakthrough amendment has just recently occurred, which is excellent news for many and has been long awaited.

The Amendments

Some critical and significant changes have developed. The Amendment states that the reservations which were previously present concerning Article 15 (4) of the Conservation are now accepted. Article 15 provides both men and women equal opportunity for freedom of movement in choosing their domicile or residence.

The Amendment also states that any departments which this would concern should be made aware and make necessary alterations.

The decree is to be published in the nation's official Gazette and will come into effect from the date of its publication.