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Saudi Arabia sets $26,666 maximum Health Insurance coverage for foreign tourists

Saudi Arabia sets $26,666 maximum Health Insurance coverage for foreign tourists


Saudi Arabia has set SR100000 most extreme health insurance coverage for foreign tourists coming to the country. As per the details of the insurance policy, which was supported by the Saudi Council of Health Insurance, Foreign tourists would be ensured admittance to health care services in emergency cases,

The health insurance coverage determines the sort of services covered under the insurance and the reimbursable costs, with a maximum coverage limit of SR100000. As indicated by the particulars of the policy, the reimbursable costs are the actual costs for essential medical services and treatment as well as for medicines and equipment with a condition that these should be endorsed by an authorized doctor for an illness endured by the insured.

The reimbursable costs include emergency cases like costs for hospitalization, medical tests, diagnosis, treatment, and medications. It will likewise cover instances of premature babies that will be covered as a component of the mother's coverage and are subject to the mother's maximum benefit.

The insurance protection additionally includes dental diseases, yet is restricted to emergency cases, including fillings, therapy of nerve damage, and necessary medications. It likewise incorporates medical evacuation inside and outside the kingdom, pregnancy and childbirth cases, wounds sustained by accidents, emergency dialysis cases, and expenses for repatriation of the dead body of the deceased visitor to his mother country.

Health insurance coverage for tourists can be acquired by visiting the unified Arabic platform for giving visas and filing out the tourist visa application form. As per the procedure, medical insurance will be legitimate from the date of issuance of the tourist visa, and the insurance policy ensures tourists access to health services for emergency cases from a network of healthcare services providers endorsed by the Council of Health Insurance in all regions of the Kingdom.