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Saudi Arabia Statute of Limitation Update

Saudi Arabia Statute of Limitation Update



A statute of limitation is a concept which places a time limitation in which a case is capable of being brought forward. It is found around the world and is utilized in many situations both criminal and civil. There are circumstances such as in cases of murder and other similarly heinous acts, where there are no statutes of limitation typically allowed, and the reason for this is due to the grave nature of the crimes. 

In the matter of civil situations though, time limitations are essential as the case is usually that the court would look to remedy losses incurred by another. If a particular time elapses though, the assumption would be that there were no substantial losses.

Saudi Arabia has been at the topic of much debate lately as they have been hard at work to deal with and reduce corruption within their nation. The latest implementation has been to remove the Statute of Limitation in cases where individuals and officials are accused of graft and the abuse of power.

Before the change, there was a 60-day limit in order to bring forward a matter to the attention of the officials for misuse of powers. It has been stated by the National Anti-corruption Commission’s Chairman, Khalid bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Muhaisen that "the amendment will enable the Commission and competent authorities to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently to protect public money, the state's interests and the national economy from corruption."

The change that will be seen is the elimination of the 60-day limitation for the investigation of all allegations against current or former ministers. This amendment is one of many changes being made in the Kingdom to crack-down on corruption and to bring all official inline with the Kingdoms corruption free goals.