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Saudi Arabia Unveils Investor-Friendly Visa Categories

Saudi Arabia Unveils Investor-Friendly Visa Categories

Saudi Arabia has launched five new visa categories, termed 'Premium Residency products,' designed to draw skilled professionals and investors, thereby bolstering the nation's position as an international center.

This move is part of the Kingdom's strategy to accelerate its economic evolution, aiming to generate job opportunities and promote the exchange of expertise. The new visa types include Special Talent, Gifted, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Owner Residency. These visas will provide unprecedented opportunities for individuals to establish residency in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Alkassabi, Chairman of the Board at the Premium Residency Centre, presented the five new Premium Residency products. He stressed that these initiatives will fast-track Saudi Arabia's progression towards a diversified, knowledge-driven economy across various sectors. Dr. Alkassabi further noted that all Premium Residency products are accessible to individuals capable of contributing to the national economy and playing a significant role in Saudi Arabia's swift developmental strides under the Saudi Vision 2030 framework.