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UAE Visa for Widows and Divorcees

UAE Visa for Widows and Divorcees


The UAE is made up of around 80% expats which is one of the highest rates in the world. With the large numbers of people coming from abroad, the visa system must be robust, and the multiple legislations surrounding it must be diverse and considerate of the significant amount of people who it impacts.

With close to 8 million expats in the UAE, there are a significant number of individuals within the country who do not work or rely on their parents or spouses for their visas. Issues can develop from this, and the UAE government aware of this fact is making continuous changes, alterations and additions to optimize the processes and experiences of all involved.

One of the latest of these changes concerns recent divorcees, widows, and children of widows and makes a move that is fundamentally helpful to these people in their greatest time of need.

Amendments in the Case of Misfortunes

Divorce and the death of a spouse are significant events in one’s life and, especially when living in the UAE, the repercussions require a great deal of consideration. The UAE as recently as October of 2018, introduced a new one year visa which is to be made available to widows and those at the receiving end of a divorce who were reliant on their partner’s visa to stay in the country.

Previously, under similar circumstances, the person would have to immediately leave the country, and this could be a difficult and challenging prospect to descend upon one so suddenly.

Under the new law, a one year visa will be available to the spouse or children of a recently deceased individual and also to a divorcee; this will allow for these people to figure out their affairs and more comfortably plan what their next move should be.

This visa will be highly appreciated by many as it will ease these difficult times, providing an element of security and certainty in such uncertain times.