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Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore (the Ministry) reiterated that the national laws will be applicable to both the local as well as the international offenders. The Ministry stated that the laws will be same for all the offenders despite their nationality and it afforded the status of due process of law. All the expatriates that visit or reside in Singapore will be abiding by the law and in the event, there is any kind of breach towards the same, they will be liable and subject to the Federal Laws of Singapore. It is pertinent to note that, Singapore has always portrayed itself as a strong and independent jurisdiction.

It was said by the law experts in Singapore that when capital punishment is considered, it is an issued that all the countries have a right to take decision and make accountable the situation surrounded by it. As it can be seen that there has not been any global consensus where the international entities have refused the application of death penalty when it is accorded as per the lawful process.

Singapore, like any other economy has its own right and determination for its legal system and desires similar in return.