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Lawyers in Dubai
14 Jun 2018

Testamentary Vs. Living Trust

Testamentary Vs. Living Trust   Time is an unchanging constant throughout our world. Forever moving in one direction, pushing us all into the hazy future. There is little exact certainty in what we plan for in the longer term, and nowhere is this more apparent in law than in living…

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17 May 2018

Do Lord Woolf's Reforms Need Reforming?

DO LORD WOOLF’S REFORMS NEED REFORMING? Part 1: The Lord Woolf Reform and the Current UK Civil Justice System Law may seem an unchanging presence that looms over all. It indeed dictates our everyday lives. Every action that an individual performs must take into account what the law may say…

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Corporate Law firms in Dubai
14 May 2018

Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)- Tax Evasion of Multinational Corporations

BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHARING (BEPS)- TAX EVASION OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE Before 1961, there was a minimal focus on national tax laws upon the multinational corporation’s tax and digital economy because during that time no country taxed the foreign source. During that time the…

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Data Protection Lawyers of UAE
09 May 2018

GDPR Compilant or not

GDPR COMPLIANT OR NOT? Introduction On 25 May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) will come into effect in European Union. It is the most significant transformation to the landscape of European data protection in the past twenty years. Upon the enactment of new GDPR law, all the personal…

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Asset Protection Laws in UAE
24 Apr 2018


SECURITIZATION: AN OVERVIEW Introduction Securitization is a powerful financial tool that renders possible the profitability of illiquid assets. We all agree that securitization contributed to the 2008 Financial Crisis, demonstrating how this powerful businessinstrument is a double-edged sword: it is capable of both boosting and devastating an economy. The United…

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Maritime Law of UAE
17 Apr 2018

Final Law of Sea V.1

LAW OF SEA  “It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.” -Hunter S. Thompson As in the movie Life of Pi, where the adventures of the sea help the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
17 Apr 2018

CRISPR Gene Editing Technology

CRISPR Gene Editing Technology The Human Advancement Human often marvels at the things they create. From large structure to technologically mind-blowing machines, many impressive achievements warrant awe and amazement. A close look at these things will reveal their workings and both their strengths and their flaws. However, surrounded by all…

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Lawyers in Dubai
17 Apr 2018

Litigation privilege as understood through cases ENRC v SFO; Bilta v RBS and R v Jukes

Litigation privilege as understood through cases ENRC v SFO; Bilta v RBS and R v Jukes The definition of Litigation privilege is non-disclosure protection imposed on documents which come into existence after litigation commenced or in contemplation of such litigation, or where their creation was in the view or such…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 Mar 2018

RATs, TRAPs and Trade Secrets

RATS, TRAPS AND TRADE SECRETS While we know more about the world now than ever before, in some ways, it can seem more mysterious and complicated than ever before. The pursuit of information has always driven humans and is what has got us to the modern state we find ourselves…

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commercial lawyers in Dubai
22 Mar 2018

Глобальный Анализ Соглашений Франчайзинга

ГЛОБАЛЬНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ СОГЛАШЕНИЙ ФРАНЧАЙЗИНГА «Изоляция невозможна. Глобализация неизбежна и полезна». Введение Вы хотите создать привлекательную бизнес-модель для распространения товаров и услуг по всему миру? У вашей компании есть имидж бренда на рынке и вы хотите расширения? У вас есть уникальнй тренд, и вы хотите получить от него прибыль? Если вы…

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Law Firms in Dubai
18 Feb 2018

Contracts Law - Extension of Time

Preventive Principle and Extension of Time Time and again we have discussed the level of dynamicity in the sectors and industries such as construction, maritime, cryptocurrency and the like. Today, we are going to analyze why these areas in specific are comparatively more dynamic than others – mainly because projects…

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15 Feb 2018

The UN Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods

An Overview of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods If a company in the United Arab Emirates wanted to buy authentic leather abroad, most likely they would start looking for sellers in Italy. Considering that they find such an Italian company, the first step in…

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cyber law in uae
28 Jan 2018

Облачные вычисления и длина руки

Cloud Computing and Transfer Pricing In these times life without Netflix or Google Drive is hard to imagine, right? Accessing your all-time favorite movies from wherever you are to whenever you need without the hassle of carrying a bunch of discs and tapes wherever you go. Be it your slumber…

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27 Jan 2018

Infringement of Copyright Law

Plagiarising Copyright ‘Give credit where credit is due.’  -        Author Unknown The origins of this proverb are unknown, but they are relevant in varied contexts. One can say that the concept of plagiarism efficiently sits on this axiom. But there’s another saying too; “If you steal ideas from one source…

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