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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
03 Nov 2018

Таможенная пошлина в Индии, часть I.

Таможенная пошлина в Индии, часть I. Каждый из нас в детстве читал в сказках или видел в фильмах, как много веков назад, прежде чем войти в королевство и заняться прожадей своих товаров, торговец сперва благодарил короля каким-нибудь подарком. Со временем эта традиция получила название таможенной пошлины на товары, вывозимые из страны…

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Corporate Law firms in Dubai
14 May 2018

Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)- Tax Evasion of Multinational Corporations

BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHARING (BEPS)- TAX EVASION OF MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE Before 1961, there was a minimal focus on national tax laws upon the multinational corporation’s tax and digital economy because during that time no country taxed the foreign source. During that time the…

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Shipping Lawyers in Dubai
19 Mar 2018

Final GST 5.1

                                                   GST IS HERE!  GST (the Goods and Services Tax) is finally here just like winter in Game of Thrones.  The much-awaited indirect-tax regime was honored with the throne…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
19 Feb 2018

Понимание избежания налогов против уклонения от уплаты налогов

The Fine (and Hazy) Line between Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion ‘The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall.’                                                  …

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Юристы НДС в Дубае
01 Dec 2017

Юридическое обновление: Новые исполнительные положения о законодательстве в области НДС

LEGAL UPDATE: UAE CABINET DECISION 52 OF 2017 CONCERNING EXECUTIVE REGULATIONS ON VAT LAW The UAE Cabinet Decision 52 of 2017 on the executive regulations (the Executive Regulations) of the Federal Decree Law Number 8 of 2017 on Value Added Tax (the VAT Law) has shed light on the details…

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Lawyers in Sharjah
25 Sep 2017

Закон о банковском деле ОАЭ под исламской точки зрения

Boarding Complete: An Islamic Rendering Part II of IIIn our previous issue, we discussed the Shariah principles of ijara, simple ijara, ijara wa iqtina, ijara mawsufa fi al dimmah, istisna’a, and how ijara and mawsufa fi al dimmah work. Our attorney’s had detailed the different types of leasing provided by…

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accounting lawyers in UAE
05 Sep 2017

Проще всего: Федеральный закон № 8 (8) от 2017 года о налоге на добавленную стоимость

Keeping it Simple: Federal Law Number (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax   The UAE governing law regarding VAT is the Federal Decree-Law Number (8) of 2017 (the Law). According to Article (1) of the Law defines Value Added Tax as ‘tax levied on import and/ or supply of…

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19 Jul 2017

Too Much of FATCA

Too Much of FATCA! Renowned author and entrepreneur, Mark Twain, once said, ‘tax is a fine for doing well; whereas, a fine is a tax for doing wrong.' Now, the question on hand is which one of the two the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (the FATCA) would get unseated!…

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01 Jun 2017

A Study of the Indian Tax System

Part 1: A Study of the Indian Tax System   Part 2: Taxation of E-commerce Transactions From the printing press to the digital revolution, humankind has been inclined to innovate first and plan later. It goes without saying that in the modern world, technology develops faster than the law. Cell- phones and…

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Global Tax Guide UAE
28 Mar 2017

Tax Global Guide 2016-2017 Volume II: Tax on Finance Transactions: United Arab Emirates

Tax Global Guide 2016-2017 Volume II: Tax on Finance Transactions: United Arab Emirates Tax on Corporate Lending and Bond Issues in the United Arab Emirates: Overview Tax Authorities 1. What are the main authorities responsible for enforcing taxes on finance transactions in your jurisdiction? Financial transactions are not subject to…

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