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UK to Introduce and Allow No-fault Divorce for the First Time

UK to Introduce and Allow No-fault Divorce for the First Time


Marriage is a crucial part of the world around us, and for a large number of people, it will at some point become a point of consideration during one’s life eventually. Marriage has been performed for centuries and is a commitment, almost always for the entire remainder of a person’s life.

In more recent times, marriage has become less of a spiritual and religion based concept, and countries consider it a more legal obligation and binding between two parties. However, under both of these concepts, ending a marriage through a divorce is a grave matter. Problems do arise between people, and what may have once seemed like a good match and idea may deteriorate. However, the UK has required there to be a reason present to justify a divorce due to the legally binding nature.

For the first time, the UK is set to allow for no-fault divorces, where neither party has necessarily come to a fault, but instead, they amicably agree a split is the best option. The repercussions and entailments of this change are as follows.


For one to get a divorce which falls under this category, the two parties will have to apply, and as per the Ministry of Justice, this will commence a six month reflection period in which the parties should carefully consider what they are about to do. Marriage is a serious matter, and so careful and lengthy consideration should occur before it can end.

However, the fact that the no-blame system will exist will also allow couples to end the relationship before issues can get out of hand, and more blame and hate can arise. A mutual and fairly calm separation is far more desirable than a bitter and hateful one.

All in all, the change looks to make the process of marriage less of a scary one with a quick and easy exit if things should start to go awry.