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Dubai Soon to be a Global Cultural Hub

Dubai Soon to be a Global Cultural Hub

Dubai is known to be an ever-evolving nation with the best of everything to offer. Artistically, Dubai has been influenced and acts as an influencer to so many creators and authors worldwide. Dubai has always been supportive and engaged with promoting art and artists with events like ‘Sole Dxb’ and ‘Art Dubai’ hosted annually.

Recently, Dubai has furthered to promote innovators and artists by launching its first-ever “long-term” cultural visa. As the name suggests, this will allow artists, authors, creators worldwide, a long-term visa to come to the country to not just share their talent with the Emirate but also get inspired and benefit from what Dubai has to offer.

As of 1 October 2019, the UAE Government has confirmed this progressive step by further adding that the idea of granting such a visa is to drive Dubai forward, making it a hub for art and culture. Adding to this, the Government has also revealed plans about establishing cultural centres which are to school the Dubai youth by helping them hone their artistic and creative skills. A free zone in Al Quoz is said to be established to help promote and facilitate this idea of a new Dubai ‘artistic hub’.

The criteria and eligibility to apply for such a visa are yet unknown at this time. However, there is an already existing requirement for a licence to obtain for those who engage in promoting brands and services on social media platforms. Based on this, it is highly likely that a similar requirement may arise for this artistic visa – only time will tell. Rest assured both the citizens of UAE and the citizens of the world are eagerly looking forward to this initiative.