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Geo-blocking of online content after Brexit

Geo-blocking of online content after Brexit

The Geo-blocking Regulation makes provisions for information to the business customers, consumers, regulators and traders about the government’s plan in the event the Brexit deal does not take effect. The Regulations creates a ban on the blocking of access to and or force of redirection away from the webiste based on the user’s EU nationality of the current place of residence is within the EU. Further it also prohibits the discrimination carried out by the traders which is based on the nationality or the place of residence of the user in case they are purchasing the goods via online market, or electronically supplied goods, for example, ebooks, etc. It also bans the services which are provided in a certain physical location. The regulations further prohibit the discrimination by the traders against the means of payments which is solely on its place of issue within the EU.

It is pertinent to note that the traders from the United Kingdom or the EU or any other non-EU countries will be no longer obliged to comply with the regulations for the customers based in the United Kingdom. They will be facing any prohibitions as far as discrimination between the customer base is concerned. Which means that the trader can redirect the UK and the EU clientele to different website versions or offer different access terms.