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MOHRE issued a new Decision on Occupational Safety and Health and Labour Accommodations

MOHRE issued a new Decision on Occupational Safety and Health and Labour Accommodations

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has issued Administrative Decision No 19 of 2023 regarding Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Labour Accommodations.

This decision outlines regulations and responsibilities for employers and workers concerning OSH and labor housing. Key aspects covered by the Decision include:

Requirements for employers to establish and maintain an OSH program and record-keeping system, Working conditions and employer obligations for both indoor and outdoor workplaces, encompassing lighting, ventilation, noise, heat, stairs, equipment, hazardous substances, and more. Employer responsibilities to provide personal protective equipment, healthcare, medical examinations, first aid, and safe transportation for workers. Worker obligations to comply with OSH regulations, report and avoid risks, use and maintain protective equipment, attend training, and safeguard establishment assets. Appointment and responsibilities of an OSH officer for the industrial and construction sectors, overseeing planning, implementation, supervision, documentation, and improvement of OSH activities and policies. Prohibition of work during midday in the summer, with exceptions for specific works requiring technical reasons and additional precautions. Registration and management of labor housing through MOHRE-approved systems, ensuring compliance with requirements and controls from MOHRE and relevant authorities.

The Decision is designed to safeguard workers from hazards and occupational diseases, protect establishment properties, and ensure public interest. It supersedes the previous Administrative Decision No. (28) of 2022 and becomes effective upon publication in the Official Gazette. All official bodies and authorities are required to implement its provisions within their respective jurisdictions.