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UAE: Citizenship Law Amendments

UAE: Citizenship Law Amendments

The UAE government has proposed to amend Executive Regulations pertaining to Federal Law concerning Nationality and Passports. The UAE is on a journey of development; the new amendments aim to attract talents that could potentially contribute to such development. It seeks to appreciate the competencies present in the UAE and attract bright minds into the Emirati community.

  1. The changes in UAE aims to include several different categories of eligible residents and offers a wide range of benefits, inclusive of their right to establish or own commercial entities and properties. Therefore, investors are eligible to apply for citizenship.
  2. Further, doctors that specialize in a unique scientific discipline and any other discipline that is highly required by the UAE shall be granted eligibility.
  3. Creative talents including intellectuals and artists that are pioneers in their fields and persons who have received international awards in their respective faculties shall be eligible to apply. Artists shall be required to present a recommendation letter from related government entities mandatorily.
  4. Scientists; persons who engage actively as a researcher in a university or private research centre, provided that they have at least ten years' experience in the said field. Their contribution to the scientific field must be recognized, through awards or substantial funding for their research during the past ten years. Such persons are also required to mandatorily obtain a letter of recommendation from a recognized scientific institution in the UAE.
  5. Inventors who have obtained one or more patents approved by the Ministry of Economy are also eligible to apply. Such inventors are required to obtain a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Economy. 

Upon satisfying the criteria mentioned above and qualify to apply for citizenship, all such persons shall pledge allegiance, committing to abide by Emirati laws and officially renouncing their citizenship in their respective countries. In case of breach of conditional precedents imposed by the amendments, citizenship can be withdrawn.