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UAE to Introduce New Law Concerning Human Rights Establishment

UAE to Introduce New Law Concerning Human Rights Establishment


Human rights are an oft-discussed topic and concern all people. These rights are viewed as the very base requirements all individuals around the world should have. The issue is a complex one, as the world becomes ever more complicated. Questions arise concerning what the limit of human rights are, though there are regulations around the world, such as the EHCR (European Convention on Human Rights) and others.

The UAE is one of the most highly developed and well-known countries in the Middle Eastern region. It is an international beacon, attracting individuals and businesses from around the world. It has developed strong international relationships, and there is a substantial expatriate population present. Around 80% of the total population are expats.

With such a considerable population of expats and an ever-growing international presence, the UAE has seen significant updates and introductions to its legal systems. This fact can also be noticed when one considers the young nature of the country. However, the growth and induction of legal systems, especially from a human rights perspective, have been substantial.

New Draft Law                                       

The Paris Principles initially received introduced in 1991 and concerned human rights regulations and maintenance from a global perspective. One of the crucial points that received attention concerned the forming of entities in countries to manage and ensure human rights are being observed to an appropriate degree.

The UAE has recently announced that a draft law has been completed which looks to introduce a human rights establishment within the nation. The purpose of this institution is to enforce the human rights regulations and look into and resolve issues that arise.

While the draft law has been completed, the exact date for the bill being approved and then introduced is not entirely clear. However, this is a crucial step in the right direction for the UAE, which will shine a bright light on their progressive attitude on the topic of human rights.