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UK Marriage Law under Review – Outdoor Marriages

UK Marriage Law under Review – Outdoor Marriages


Marriage is a rare and special occasion in anyone’s life. Generally speaking, it is only really done a few times throughout the lifetime, and preferably only once, or ‘till death do us part’. While it is mostly a more spiritual event which indicates the binding of two people more permanently, it is still regulated by law as all things are

The current regulations concerning marriage and where it may be held are somewhat strange in the UK at the moment. It is quite unexpected to find out this information in the current day, and in a way, that is a crucial reason as to why there is a review at the moment.

The issue relates to the location in which a wedding can take place. The process to bring about the change will take time yet, though the initial steps have begun to take place. The basic idea behind the move is as follows.

The Great Outdoors

It comes to many as a great surprise that an outdoor wedding is a difficult thing to obtain in the UK. No, this is not due to the weather, but rather due to the regulations which currently dictate when an official wedding ceremony may take place.

At this time, weddings are only permitted to occur in certain places of worship or official establishments. Of course, this solely relates to the official ceremonies and legally mentioned aspects, though being such a special occasion, individuals often wish for a more personalised experience, and as such, the currently Victorian era regulations on places of a wedding is looking to receive a change.

The process of amending will likely take another 2 or so years, though the process has begun. As strange as the limitation may sound, the issue is recognised, and the change will surely please many with greater freedom to proceed as they wish.