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UK: New Legislation in works to Protect Passenegrs fom Airline Collapses

UK: New Legislation in works to Protect Passenegrs fom Airline Collapses

It is the duty of a country to ensure the safety of its citizens. A large number of people may get stranded in various parts of the world due to a collapse of an airline company, leaving people unable to reach back home for extended periods of time.

This was seen recently when after the fall of Thomas Cook, a British global travel group based in Peterborough, left one hundred and fifty thousand holidaymakers stranded overseas.

The government says the new legislation will change the existing system to allow airlines to be put under special administration and allow aircraft to continue flying and take       every passenger back to the United Kingdom more efficiently and without intervention.

This will mean that the regulator could use the current airlines and staff of the airline to repatriate passengers, which is not possible currently as there, are now laws to regulate such situations and has led to the discomfort and potential danger of hundreds of citizens.

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said it will help to cut repatriation costs by using existing assets and workers to get people home, he further said “To bring over 140,000 Thomas Cook passengers home, the Government and UK CAA worked together round the clock and, with the support of people across the globe, carried out the biggest peacetime repatriation exercise in UK history. I’m determined to bring in a better system to deal with similar situations in future, helping ensure passengers are protected and brought home quickly and safely.”