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Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 Oct 2019

Patent Infringement Global Perspective

Patent Infringement: A Global Perspective Ideas and innovation are the cornerstones of any successful corporation. Given that modernisation and globalisation has had a significant impact on corporations, it is only fair that the ideas defining these businesses are given protection from being misused, manipulated or stolen. Stolen ideas is a…

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Lawyers in Dubai
21 Oct 2019

GM Food Technology in UAE

GM Food Technology in UAE & Global Purview   “The Food You Eat Can Be Either The Safest & Most Powerful Form of Medicine or the Slowest Form of Poison”     -Ann Wigmore Since times immemorial humans have cultivated crops for food, they have been picky about beneficial traits for bumper breeding.…

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Cyber laws in UAE
22 Sep 2019

Virtual Reality and Copyright

Virtual Reality and Copyright: Combining New Concepts with the Old Introduction It is a strange thing to look into the world of technology on occasion and genuinely be surprised by the significant leaps of progress that have taken place. In a way, it is almost impossible to consider the future…

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Lawyers in Dubai
19 Sep 2019

Intellectual Property Regime in UK

Intellectual Property Regime in the United Kingdom Introduction The European Union (EU) is one of the world most significant economic powers. There is a considerable population of around 500 Million that lives within its member states, and the GDP is about $19 trillion. However, while the EU, as an organisation,…

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copyright lawyers in India
04 Aug 2019

The Indian Copyright Law

The Indian Copyright Law Structure (IPR) “The right to be attributed as an author of a work is not merely a copyright, it is every author’s basic human right” ― Kalyan C. Kankanala The copyright law in India is in equal parity with the standards set by the agreement on Trade-Related…

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intellectual Property Laws in UAE
04 Aug 2019

Music Modernization Act

Music Modernization Act – October 2018 Introduction Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Deezer are some widely used music streaming services. Have users of these streaming services ever wondered whether the artists receive revenue whenever their music is streamed? Do listeners ever think about or acknowledge the exceptionally gifted…

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copyright lawyers in Hong Kong
09 Jul 2019

Hong Kong china IPR

Mutual Recognition of award between Hong Kong and Mainland China with regards to Intellectual Property Rights Introduction For 22 years, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been described as “one country, two systems”.  Since the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in July 1997, both these…

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Patent Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
18 Jun 2019

artificial intelligence machines patented

Can artificial intelligence machines be patented or sued? Introduction Hollywood movies introduced the concept of artificial intelligence to the world. Following the portrayal of artificial intelligence, many have speculated that robots will one day take over the world and subdue humans as their subjects. For this to happen, artificial intelligence…

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commercial lawyers in Dubai
05 Feb 2019

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement of 2010 Signed in 2011 (although not yet implemented), the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) represents the combined efforts made by the US, Canada, the EU, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea to reform global Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement standards. The Agreement was established to redirect…

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Lawyers in Dubai
03 Feb 2019

protection of Geographical Indication

Intellectual Property Rights - Requirement of protection of ‘Geographical Indication’ and its obligations on the UAE “There is certainly no kind of property, in the nature of things, so much his own, as the works which a person originates from his own creative imagination: And when he has spent great…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
02 Oct 2018

Non Conventional Trademarks

Non Conventional Trademarks Introduction Have a break, have a… Every chocolate lover knows the end of that saying. This chocolate is known for its' four fingers, chocolate-wrapped wafer goodness, and its' iconic tagline, but is it well-known enough to be considered "well-known?" Are well-known trademarks as viable an option as…

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Lawyers in Dubai
13 Aug 2018

Trade Dress Protection

Trade Dress Protection The expansion of international trade and increase in foreign direct investment is likely to have contributed to the conflict of trademark laws between foreign countries. More recently a fundamental issue arising out of the application of trademark is law the subject matter which it can protect. This…

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14 May 2018

Intellectual Property and Food

Intellectual property on Food   Introduction The definition of Food security is "the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food." Globally the insufficiency of food security of developing and least developed States is a concern not only of governments but also all individuals within…

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intellectual Property Law in UAE
08 May 2018

The Unified Patent Court

The Unitary Patent Court – caution ahead! The Unified Patent Court (Immunities and the Privileges) Order made on 8 February 2018 is recently making a lot of clatterin the European Union. The UK took a step towards the ratification by the Privy Council approving the Unified Patent Court (UPC) agreement…

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