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19 Aug 2019

Cross Border M&A

Cross Border Mergers Introduction Recently there has been a noticeable wave of mergers (especially in the banking sector) within the GCC. Just in 2017, there were 85 mergers in the UAE and over 400 mergers in the GCC. Many of those mergers were cross border mergers; for instance, in the…

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copyright lawyers in India
06 Aug 2019

The Copyright Law in India

The Indian Copyright Law Structure (IPR) “The right to be attributed as an author of a work is not merely a copyright, it is every author’s basic human right” ― Kalyan C. Kankanala The copyright law in India is in equal parity with the standards set by the agreement on Trade-Related…

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Trademark in Dubai, Trademark in UAE, Trademark in Abu Dhabi
05 Aug 2019

Looking to Register your Trademark in UAE in 2019? These 5 Steps will Help You do the Same!

One of the most indispensable things you need to pay heed to before establishing your company in UAE, or anywhere for that matter, is to be well-apprised of the competitors and the business environment. However, possibilities are that you might find businesses similar to yours that provide same kinds of…

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Lawyers in Dubai
31 Jul 2019

Dual License Initiative in Abu Dhabi

Dual License Initiative in Abu Dhabi   Introduction In September 2018, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADED) had announced its first phase of the Dual Licenses Initiative. This enables the companies to carry out their commercial activities both onshore in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra and Al Ain, as…

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anti-bribery legislation in the UAE
31 Jul 2019

India : Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Laws

India : Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Regulations   Introduction India is a crucial country from a global perspective and is one of the largest economies in the world. The growth is also significant with the nation projected to climb further up the worldwide economic ranks in the coming years. Further, the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
28 Jul 2019

Wrong or False Complaint: Global Overview

What are the consequences of filing a wrong police complaint in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, UK, and More? Introduction A simple Google search of the name "Jussie Smollett" will lead to a finding of what the consequences of filing a wrong police complaint can be. Fortunately for Mr Smollet,…

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Media Lawyers in Dubai
24 Jul 2019

Media Laws in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Media Regulations in the United Arab Emirates I. Introduction Indubitably, the inception of mass media was with newspapers that delivered information and news from the 1690s till present. Having been cultivated in the minds of the people, several other modes have been devised that make an intricate part of our…

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Criminal Lawyers in UAE
23 Jul 2019

The Insanity Plea

The Insanity Plea Introduction Insanity is a highly interesting topic when it comes to the law, and at the same time, is a topic which demands the utmost thought and care. Mental health, in general, is a topic that is consistently undergoing further research due to how it impacts people’s…

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Media Lawyers in India
18 Jul 2019

Media and Entertainment Law: Film Censorship in India

Censorship of Films in India I. Introduction Censorship is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘prohibition or suppression of any part of the news, books, films, etc. that are considered politically unacceptable, obscene, or a threat to security.’ Films are considered an excellent medium of communication with the general…

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taxation lawyers in UK
17 Jul 2019

Capital Gains Tax for Non-Residents on sale of Real Estate: United Kingdom

Capital Gains Tax in the UK: How are Non-Residents Liable?   "The power of taxing people and their property is essential to the very existence of government." - James Madison   Tax is an amount that is paid by either individuals or corporations towards the government of the jurisdiction at which…

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Lawyers in Dubai
15 Jul 2019

Contract Law and Termination for Convenience Clause

The Legality of Termination for Convenience Clauses Under the global laws for international contracts and agreements, it is highly significant to identify the clauses which put forth the concept of termination for convenience. In general terms, it may sound that, via this clause, either party can conveniently step out from…

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arbitration lawyers in Abu Dhabi
14 Jul 2019

Arbitration Law under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

Arbitration Law under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Established on 17 December 1966, The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) was founded in response to the realization that the trans-global community is acutely economically connected. Understanding this assembly, UNCITRAL was enacted to govern bodies participating…

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lawyers in Hong Kong
10 Jul 2019

IPR: Mutual Recognition of Awards Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Mutual Recognition of award between Hong Kong and Mainland China with regards to Intellectual Property Rights Introduction For 22 years, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been described as “one country, two systems”.  Since the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in July 1997, both these…

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Lawyers in Dubai
30 Jun 2019

UAE Law on Dormant Bank Accounts

UAE Law(s) Concerning Dormant Bank Accounts Introduction Bank accounts are among the most critical and valuable accounts that can belong to an individual. Long past is the time when people would stash their money in hidden safes and secret location, and the concept of stashing ones valuables in a mattress…

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