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Why is Copyright a Preferred Choice than Trademark Registration in UAE for Business Startups?

Published on : 18 Dec 2019

Today, UAE proffers potential opportunities in almost all business sectors with its genial business ecosystem and has become home to multinational companies and entrepreneurs. So whether you have just popped up with a unique business idea, protecting your business idea is a whip-smart move.

Pondering over the past decade, applications for intellectual property (IP) protection in the UAE have increased tremendously, and trademarks in particular have boomed- with around 18000 more applications in 2017 than 2011.

However, if you are thinking of a startup with a unique business idea, product or service, it is usually recommended that you copyright your idea, instead of getting it trademarked. But why? Let’s dip in!


Difference between Trademark and Copyright

Both trademarks and copyrights protect intellectual property but both serve different aspects, lie-

  • With trademark registration in UAE, you can protect anything that you use with your branding, including fonts, logos, designs and colors which are distinctively yours.
  • With a copyright, you protect literary, scientific or artistic works. It can also include created works, like marketing content, computer software and industrial designs


Why is Copyright better than Trademark Registration in the UAE?

Although shielding your intellectual property is not compulsory in the UAE, but it is worth doing in order to steer clear of the conflicts down the line. So if you are a startup with an amazing business idea, it is usually recommended to copyright your product rather than trademark it. Let us go through it as to why copyright is more preferable than trademark registration in the UAE:


  • Rapid Process


The process of applying for a trademark registration in UAE is comparatively slow and your competitor who could steal your idea might influence the market and appear to be the business with an original idea. But copyright comes with speedy application process, enabling you to protect your idea quickly before anyone else comes across it.


  • Extensive Protection


With copyright, you get prolonged protection, even 50 years more after the death of the author. On the contrary, trademark registration in UAE expires after 10 years. As a result, you will then need to reapply for the trademark and pay the required fees again.


  • Global Cover


Trademark registration in UAE is only applicable within the UAE, whereas a copyright covers 167 countries all across the globe. Copyright means that if a competitor anywhere in the world tries to imitate your business idea, you will have full authority to drag them to the court.


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