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UK No-Deal Brexit Prevention Bill Passed by Parliament

UK No-Deal Brexit Prevention Bill Passed by Parliament


Brexit has arisen in the news countless times since the initial June 2016 vote. This fact is especially true in recent months with the likes of the new Prime Minister being a crucial topic of discussion. As we approach the latest deadline of October 31, fears of a no-deal Brexit are showing up, and the nations MPs are attempting to prevent this outcome.

Having been part of the EU for such a lengthy period of time, the regulatory structures and also economic and trade-related rights and processes are deeply ingrained in the UK system. There has never arisen any questions as to whether things will change. However, the extent to which things do change is an area which parliament has a level of control over.

A no-deal Brexit is not the ideal situation and, and there are a few ways this can be combatted.  A recent Bill has arisen and is set to become law which looks to prevent such an outcome. This Bill is summarized as follows.

Benn Bill

Hilary Benn, an MP, presented this Bill which contains specific requirements which look to prevent a no-deal. The basic requirements of the Bill are as follows. The Government must reach a deal by October 19, or they must agree to a no-deal Brexit by the same date. If they are unable to do so, an extension to the deadline must be requested.

The extension should provide a further three months to the UK, though if the EU proposes a different extension period, the Prime Minister must agree to this unless the House of Commons votes against the proposition.

This extension should give the UK until the end of January 2020 to work on an agreeable deal, and for the moment should prevent any exit without an agreement.