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14 Mar 2016

Project Financing -a Primer

Project Finance as the technique of financing any development idea is rapidly increasing in developing countries due to their drive to gain industrial development and improve infrastructural amenities. The infrastructural projects or projects relating to energy industry are usually funded by government through public funds since historical times due to…

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Law Firms in UAE
20 Jan 2016

Письма о намерениях в ОАЭ

Draft with care!  “The moral of the story is to agree first and to start work later”. Lord Clark   INTRODUCTION   The term “Letter of Intent” (LOI) is recognized by all commercial and construction professionals, yet not all practitioners are fully aware of the potential risks associated with such…

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04 Jan 2016

Extension of Time

The construction contracts are generally prepared as per Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (the FIDIC) red books 1987 and 1999, yellow book and silver book contract forms specifically in UAE to deliver projects. The legal provisions applying to such contracts are UAE Civil Code, Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 as…

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01 Dec 2015

Joint Ventures in Real Estate

Joint venture is an agreement between two or more parties wherein they principally agree on developing a new asset or entity by infusing equity for a term. In a joint venture transaction, parties agree to co-operate with each other and term of joint venture may be defined or open. Parties…

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arbitration law firms in UAE
27 Jul 2015

Закон о строительстве: требование продления в арбитражном суде

Construction Insight:     The sight of a rainbow in the middle of a desert is a rather recherché glimpse. United Arab Emirates however, is not a conventional desert panorama come true.   Take for example the construction industry in the region. There is an interesting mix of cultures and…

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Property Lawyers in Dubai
20 Nov 2014

Отмененные строительные проекты в Дубае

Decree Number 21 of 2013 – One Year Later We’re all familiar with the story. Mr A buys property off-plan. Developer advises property will be completed by 201X. Mr A awaits handover with anticipation. 201X comes and goes, with no news on the property. Developer or sales agent contact Mr…

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Юридическая экспертиза в вопросах недвижимости.
23 Sep 2014

Юридическая экспертиза в вопросах недвижимости - Дубай и ОАЭ

На самом деле фраза «проверка с должной осмотрительностью» легко ассоциируется с юридической отраслью. Но, напомнив себе ее основное определение, мы понимаем, что каждый из нас выполняет эту проверку сотни раз в день. Мы можем проверять прогноз погоды или отчеты о пробках перед выходом из дома, читать отзывы о фильме для…

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