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INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty | STA Law Firm
23 Sep 2014

INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty

INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty When former Central Intelligence Agency employee and National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the details of the secret surveillance program of the United States, he had to flee the United States under charges of espionage. But can fleeing away to another country prevent…

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Fraud and Deceit Under UAE Law
05 Sep 2014

Fraud and Deceit under the UAE law

“Fraud and deceit abound in these days more than in former times”1    Lord Coke could have been talking just as easily about the modern day. Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent activities each year. A number of these crimes go unpunished as the brains behind these…

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Forensics in Dubai and UAE - Criminal Prosecution - Dubai Courts
08 Jul 2014

Role of Forensics In Criminal Investigation in the UAE - Sherlock Holmes of Today

Role of Forensics In Criminal Investigation in the UAE “Fingerprints cannot lie, but liars can make fingerprints. Jekyll’s finger patterns remain the same when he transforms himself into Hyde.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Henry Faulds The unconscious human will step, touch and leave a witness behind. This is the evidence that cannot be…

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STA Law Firm - Information Technology Lawyers
12 Mar 2014

Cybercrime and UAE Law

From coding a logic bomb to malicious hacking and from the formation of ransomware gangs to spear phishing, no computer in the cyber world is today immune from an electronic misdeed that continues to grow and develop and at the same time survive criminal prosecution in many instances. The year…

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