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A 6 billion Euro Lawsuit has Been Filed Against TikTok in A Dutch Court

A 6 billion Euro Lawsuit has Been Filed Against TikTok in A Dutch Court

Stichting Massaschade & Consument, a Dutch non-profit, filed a lawsuit against TikTok on Tuesday, claiming that the social media app violated European privacy rules by gathering and auctioning sensitive user data.

Likewise, Stichting Massaschade & Consument has asked an Amsterdam court to force TikTok to pay €6 billion in damages, based on €1.250-1.750 per user fixed damages. According to the foundation, TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese firm, benefits off its users since its platform blurs the lines between advertising and user-generated content. 

To this end, Stichting Massaschade & Consument is the third foundation to challenge TikTok in Dutch court this year on privacy concerns. Two additional charities, the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation and the Consumers' Association, filed a €2 billion lawsuit against the app in late June.

However, the previous lawsuit only sought damages for violations of children's privacy rights, but Stichting Massaschade & Consument's case seeks compensation for all age groups. At the end of July, the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the government's watchdog, fined TikTok €750,000 for invading the privacy of Dutch youngsters.