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Changes to Theatre Licensing 2021- UK

Changes to Theatre Licensing 2021- UK

On January 27, 2021, the Theatres Act of 1968 was repealed. The Act, which established a statutory licensing system for theaters that stage plays in public, has not been replaced by new laws. Rather, a local authority may choose to license theatres within a public entertainment licensing regime, thanks to an amendment to the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 – theatres were originally prohibited as a place of public entertainment under the 1982 Act.

The licensing of places of public entertainment is an optional licensing practice, with licenses only being required if it is considered appropriate for the protection of public order, defense, and crime prevention. Premises can also be permitted only where the public entertainment licensing system provides certain protections that are not currently offered by other statutory regimes covering premises where plays are publicly performed. Fire, health and safety, housing codes, liquor licenses, and food hygiene regulations are among the other legislative regimes.

The repeal of the 1968 Act and the inclusion of play performance as a public entertainment licensable practice under section 41 of the 1982 Act were intended to provide more freedom by enabling municipal governments to define the extent of the public entertainment regime. According to Scottish Government guidance, local councils may be entitled to exclude premises that perform plays for very small audiences from the license provision if they deem it necessary and proportionate. Since local governments have jurisdiction over this action, the approaches of the Licensing Board vary, and theatre licensing in certain areas of the world is unrestricted. Glasgow City Council, for example, has voted to incorporate theaters in the scope of public entertainment licenses. To keep their theatres licensed, owners must fill out the council's Public Entertainment License application form and send it to the Licensing Section by Friday, February 26th, 2021. There is no charge associated with the application this year, and if approved, the license will be valid for one year. The license authorizing the use of premises for the public production of plays would be subject to such restrictions. Although requirements cannot be used to govern the design of the plays to be performed or the way in which they are performed, those deemed normal or necessary on the grounds of public safety, such as litter control and child safety provisions, are likely to be included. Here is a complete list of Glasgow City Council's possibly attached requirements.

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