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UAE Banking Law
10 Nov 2015

Till Breach do us apart - The Law Surrounding Prepayment Premiums

There is a severe need for consistency in the market dealing with publicly traded securities as rapid advancements in the legal diaspora can add unwitting complexity to the requirements of the debtors. If the contracts between borrowers and lenders do not outline distinct covenants which comply with the local laws…

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Corporate Law Firm in UAE - STA Law Firm
21 Mar 2014

Corporate Governance under UAE Law

Corporate Governance Under UAE Law An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care. The old adage holds true when principles of corporate governance and their implementation in the GCC are discussed. Implementation of good corporate governance practice perhaps is worth a battle of the ownership dispute, succession issues,…

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DIFC Property Law
13 Mar 2014

DIFC Property Law - Updated Article

The current global investment climate is a ‘mixed bag’ of healthy, stable and crippling economies. The dollar continued to be the global currency for millennia but with countries deciding to introduce their local currencies to the mainstream – such news have led to a plethora of questions and debates. Introduction…

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