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01 Jan 2017

Electronic Registration of Cases- Advantages and Legal Issues

Electronic Registration of Cases- Advantages and Legal Issues “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” -Bill Gates Introduction Dubai has evolved to become the marketing and commercial hub of the Middle Eastern region. A surfeit of investors, traders and tourists flock into the Emirate on a…

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Property Lawyers in UAE
18 Oct 2016

Key Decisions on Dubai Property Laws between 2009 and 2013 by Dubai Court of Cassation (Part II)

The global economic meltdown had an adverse effect on the real estate industry of the Middle East. However, the Dubai real estate sector has been flourishing post its emergence from the unfavorable market environment of the global recession. The multitude of the different types of properties available has been attracting…

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11 Apr 2016

Project Financing - a Primer

Project Finance as the technique of financing any development idea is rapidly increasing in developing countries due to their drive to gain industrial development and improve infrastructural amenities. The infrastructural projects or projects relating to energy industry are usually funded by the government through public funds since historical times due…

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Musataha Rights and Agreement under UAE Law
11 Apr 2016

Musataha Agreements Under UAE Law

There are across the world, different institutions of property, radically different ways of separating the land space, and developing rights in consonance with other legal, economic and social institutions. These differences get into the limelight when one pays attention to the sometimes subtle differences in policies and regulations that govern…

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Dubai Property Lawyers | Law Firm
06 Mar 2016

Key Decisions on Dubai Property Laws between 2009 and 2013 by Dubai Court of Cassation

The prodigious and fortuitous impact (and, speed) of the global financial crisis has left a lasting legacy on many. Questions have been raised in past as to what led to the crisis, people who were instrumental in driving the downturn and people affected by same. Speed and force without direction…

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Extension of Time in Construction Contracts - STA Law Firm
04 Jan 2016

Extension of Time in Construction Contracts

Extension of Time in Construction Contracts  The construction contracts are generally prepared as per Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (the FIDIC) red books 1987 and 1999, yellow book and silver book contract forms specifically in UAE to deliver projects. The legal provisions applying to such contracts are UAE Civil Code, Federal…

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Joint Ventures in Dubai Real Estate & Property Sector
01 Dec 2015

Joint Ventures in Dubai's Real Estate Sector

Joint venture is an agreement between two or more parties wherein they principally agree on developing a new asset or entity by infusing equity for a term. In a joint venture transaction, parties agree to co-operate with each other and term of the joint venture may be defined or open.…

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27 Jul 2015

Construction Law: Prolongation Claim in Arbitration

Construction Insight:     The sight of a rainbow in the middle of a desert is a rather recherché glimpse. The United Arab Emirates, however, is not a conventional desert panorama come true.   Take for example the construction industry in the region. There is an interesting mix of cultures…

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Hotel Management Lawyers - STA Law Firm
10 Jul 2015

Hotel Management Agreements and UAE Law

Agreeing with your spouse to reimburse him or her after a shopping trip? A contract. Buying a plane ticket? A contract. Signing an offer letter from an employer who has offered you a job? A contract. A multi-page complex document laying out the terms and conditions of a high-value corporate…

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Hotel Management Lawyers - STA Law Firm
08 May 2015

Hotel Management Agreements in the UAE

While driving back from work yesterday I noticed a renowned hotel brand had popped up in my community out of nowhere. A few days back that same building was supposedly a mixed-use development, but it now boasts the logo of a luxury hotel chain. As discussed in the first installment…

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Dubai Property Law
24 Mar 2015

Dubai Property Law - Strata Law Explained

If I purchase an apartment in a communal building, what exactly do I own? Am I entitled to a section of the pool, a corner of the gym and rights over a particular elevator? Or do I only have rights over anything within the boundaries of my specific plot? Read…

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Property Law Firm - STA | Dubai Property Lawyers
20 Nov 2014

Cancelled Construction Projects in Dubai

Decree Number 21 of 2013 – One Year Later We’re all familiar with the story. Mr. A buys property off-plan. Developer advises property completion will occur by 201X. Mr. A awaits handover with anticipation. 201X comes and goes, with no news on the property. Developer or sales agent contact Mr. A…

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Due Diligence - Dubai Real Estate Lawyers, Law Firm
23 Sep 2014

Due Diligence in Real Estate - A Look at Dubai's Property Regulations

Obvious, really, yet “performing due diligence” is a phrase readily associated with the legal industry. Reminding ourselves of the basic definition realizes that we each “perform due diligence” hundreds of times per day. We might check the weather forecast or traffic reports before leaving the house, read reviews before selecting…

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Ijarah, Arbitration, Dubai Law, Lawyers, STA
16 May 2014

Ijarah and Arbitration

Questions that are generally debated these days within business and legal diasporas pertain to the recession aftermath. These questions seek to inquire matters such as i) what led to the recession, ii) could it have been prevented and; iii) what do we learn from this precedent? For instance, let us…

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