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Construction Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
23 May 2017

Construction Law and the Application of Time

Construction Law and the Application of Time   Power can not confer to what does not exist. Humankind has needed something to organize and structure his life, so we created time. So that, we using time as a benchmark can keep ourselves in check.  It is, essentially, a social construct,…

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Lawyers in Bahrain
20 May 2017

All-Encompassing Protection - The New Labour Law in Bahrain

All-Encompassing Protection - The New Labour Law in Bahrain ‘ Reform will come – not as we change our moral principles but as we discern and accept the implications of principles already held.’  -Matthew Scully   It can take a simple change in wording to create catastrophic new meanings, or…

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Banking Lawyers in Dubai
20 May 2017

Guarantee - Law, and Practice in UAE

Guarantee - Law, and Practice in UAE “Credit is a 'system' wherein a person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay.” - Charles Dickens     In this modern world of fragile finances, the irony of Charles Dickens’ statement is well understood.…

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Trademark Registration Guide - Middle East | STA Law Firm
02 Mar 2016

Trademark Registration in Dubai, GCC and Middle East - STA Law Firm

Trademark Registration in Middle East Countries Country and Applicable Legislation Length of Trademark (in years) Trademark Definition Eligible Applicants Documentation Requirement Language Requirement and Procedures Treaty/ Classification Treaty/Classification Benefits Iraq Law Number 21 of 1957 being the Iraq Trademark and Geographical Indications Law . Iraq has sought permanent membership in…

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Company Formation in Bahrain
06 Nov 2014

From Beach to Business - Company Formation in Bahrain

Company Formation in Bahrain – the Options of a Foreign Investor The geography alone paints the picture of a holiday-maker’s paradise. As an island located off the western shores of the Persian Gulf, the mere mention of Bahrain puts us in mind of white-sand beaches, calm azure seas, palm trees,…

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Carbon Credits and Law
05 May 2014

Even CO2 sells!

It is the striking imagery of global warming that opens our eyes to the idea of climate change. The melting snow caps, the stranded polar bears, declining air quality and the rising ocean temperatures are images that have had a searing effect on the human mind and encouraged dialogues about…

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