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Foreign Court Judgments in UAE
26 Nov 2015

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Introduction With the spread of globalization, technical and technological evolution, changes in communication means and transportations, economic freedom and free trade around the world have reinforced the idea that businesses and commercial dealings need protection.  Hence, as there is an international cooperation among countries to follow an international criminal worldwide,…

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27 Jul 2015

Construction Law: Prolongation Claim in Arbitration

Construction Insight:     The sight of a rainbow in the middle of a desert is a rather recherché glimpse. The United Arab Emirates, however, is not a conventional desert panorama come true.   Take for example the construction industry in the region. There is an interesting mix of cultures…

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Dubai Property Law
24 Mar 2015

Dubai Property Law - Strata Law Explained

If I purchase an apartment in a communal building, what exactly do I own? Am I entitled to a section of the pool, a corner of the gym and rights over a particular elevator? Or do I only have rights over anything within the boundaries of my specific plot? Read…

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Property Law Firm - STA | Dubai Property Lawyers
20 Nov 2014

Cancelled Construction Projects in Dubai

Decree Number 21 of 2013 – One Year Later We’re all familiar with the story. Mr. A buys property off-plan. Developer advises property completion will occur by 201X. Mr. A awaits handover with anticipation. 201X comes and goes, with no news on the property. Developer or sales agent contact Mr. A…

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Due Diligence - Dubai Real Estate Lawyers, Law Firm
23 Sep 2014

Due Diligence in Real Estate - A Look at Dubai's Property Regulations

Obvious, really, yet “performing due diligence” is a phrase readily associated with the legal industry. Reminding ourselves of the basic definition realizes that we each “perform due diligence” hundreds of times per day. We might check the weather forecast or traffic reports before leaving the house, read reviews before selecting…

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Ijarah, Arbitration, Dubai Law, Lawyers, STA
16 May 2014

Ijarah and Arbitration

Questions that are generally debated these days within business and legal diasporas pertain to the recession aftermath. These questions seek to inquire matters such as i) what led to the recession, ii) could it have been prevented and; iii) what do we learn from this precedent? For instance, let us…

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