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Top IT Law Firms in Dubai
24 Jun 2017

Cyber Crimes & Courts

Cyber Crimes & Courts Jurisdiction (by default) is the practical and ultimate authority within the legal society to administer, review and to execute laws and regulations within a well-defined area of region and responsibility. Therefore, immediately following the commission of a crime within a particular state, the judicial body in that province…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
01 Aug 2016

Spotting the Fake: Forgery Under UAE Law (Part 2 of 2)

Spotting the Fake: Forgery Under UAE Law  Part 2 of 2 In the previous issue, we discussed material aspects relating to forgery under UAE Criminal Laws and other statutes. We discussed broadly – the definition of forgery, types of forgery (material and moral), legal implications of denial in light of…

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Lawyers in Dubai and UAE | STA Law Firm
01 Aug 2016

Life of Debt: India's SARFAESI Act on Non Performing Assets

Life of Debt ‘If I owe you a pound, I have a problem; but if I owe you a million, the problem is yours!’ -John Maynard Keynes Graffiti had set its tone loud and clear; just no one acknowledged it. The bad loan episode that recently gripped India’s banking sector…

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Corporate Liability: UK Bribery Act
03 Jul 2016

Corporate Liability: UK Bribery Act

Corporate Liability: The UK Bribery Act If you can shift your thinking away from merely selling and into building trust instead, even if it costs you a few bucks in profit, you’ll begin to see opportunities you never imagined once you understand what it means to ‘wow’ that customer by…

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Forgery - Dubai and UAE Law | Criminal Lawyers in Dubai | STA Law Firm
08 Jun 2016

Spotting the Fake: Forgery Under UAE Law

Spotting the Fake: Forgery under UAE Law  (Part 1 of 2) The creation of an idea, a work of art involves persistence and a visionary acumen, to say the least. Such is the allurement surrounding element of individuality that it has continued to lure the less privileged into forgery from time…

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OFAC Sanctions on Iran
10 Feb 2016

US Sanctions-an Overview

If you do not buy the coffee I sell, I shall forbid you from buying coffee anywhere else…    Many years ago, a Superman flick had the bad guy delineating monopoly in a trade as coffee mafia. Today, sophisticated legal developments recognize these practices as unfair trade practices. But the…

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Court Uncourt - Enforcing Foreign Judgments in the UAE
29 Dec 2015

Enforcing Foreign Judgments in UAE- Part II

INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS GOVERNING THE ENFORCEMENT OF FOREIGN JUDGMENTS IN THE UAE    To continue with our previous article, the second part deals with the various agreements in place between the United Arab Emirates and various countries and how they are enforced. We have looked at multilateral and bilateral agreements separately…

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Cross Border Crime - FCPA
10 Jul 2015

Cross-Border Crime and Extradition (Part II)

UKBA vs Bribery and Corruption   According to ex-UK Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke, “Bribery blights lives… The wider victims are government and society, undermined by a weakened rule of law and damaged social and economic development. At stake is the principle of free and fair competition, which…

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STA Law Firm - Criminal Lawyers - Bail Bond
21 May 2015

Bail Fail? Liabilities of Bail Guarantor under the UAE Criminal Law

Liabilities of the Bail Guarantor under the UAE Criminal Law We’ve all seen the images of prisoners arriving at court for their hearings, seated in high-security vehicles with small circular windows, with photographers clamoring for a prime position in order to take photographs through the glass. However, not all defendants…

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Cross Border Crime - STA Law Firm
09 Mar 2015

Cross Border Crime and Extradition

Cooperation in International Financial Investigations Apparently “money talks” but “crime doesn’t pay”. It, therefore, follows that financial crime is rife, yet the methods in place to control and reduce it are effective.  The evolution of banking means that there are now more ways than ever conduct the financial activity, with…

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Cross-Border Crime Lawyers
17 Dec 2014

Cross-Border Crime and Extradition (Part I)

They say that crime doesn’t pay. But whether it pays or not it certainly sells, at least with Hollywood movies, computer games, fictitious novels all reaping the benefits of the public’s general fascination with the subject. Generally, the term “crime” may cover anything from a road traffic offense to a…

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INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty | STA Law Firm
23 Sep 2014

INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty

INDIA UAE Extradition Treaty When former Central Intelligence Agency employee and National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the details of the secret surveillance program of the United States, he had to flee the United States under charges of espionage. But can fleeing away to another country prevent…

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Fraud and Deceit Under UAE Law
05 Sep 2014

Fraud and Deceit under the UAE law

“Fraud and deceit abound in these days more than in former times”1    Lord Coke could have been talking just as easily about the modern day. Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent activities each year. A number of these crimes go unpunished as the brains behind these…

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Forensics in Dubai and UAE - Criminal Prosecution - Dubai Courts
08 Jul 2014

Role of Forensics In Criminal Investigation in the UAE - Sherlock Holmes of Today

Role of Forensics In Criminal Investigation in the UAE “Fingerprints cannot lie, but liars can make fingerprints. Jekyll’s finger patterns remain the same when he transforms himself into Hyde.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Henry Faulds The unconscious human will step, touch and leave a witness behind. This is the evidence that cannot be…

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