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Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts
08 Jan 2017

Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts

Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts “No construction project is risk-free. Risk can be managed, minimized, shared, transferred or accepted. It cannot be ignored” -Michael Latham Scope and usage of back-to-back contracts Back-to-back contracts are becoming an increasingly common feature of construction projects. Construction projects typically involve the collaboration of three…

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STA Law Firm | Lawyers in Dubai
07 Jan 2017

Be Aware, else Beware (Part I of II)

Be Aware, else Beware (Part I of II) ‘Ignorance of the law excuses no man; not that all men know the law, but because it’s an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to refute him’ -  John Seldon The law has provided that an ignorance of…

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STA Law Firm | Dubai Law Firm
07 Jan 2017

Different Strokes for Different Courts

Different Strokes for Different Courts In January of 2012, Macy’s, a renowned retail store, decided to sue Martha Stewart for entering into a contract with a rival retail store J.C. Penney, which they claimed breached their own contract with Martha Stewart for exclusive products in 2006. This led to a…

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arbiteration lawyers in Dubai
02 Jun 2016

The ICC International Court of Arbitration

The ICC International Court of Arbitration STA's Dispute Resolution Team discusses the role of International Chamber of Commerce in dispute resolution and specifically in cross-border disputes, dispute that pique unique challenges and address the moot question as to why is the ICC today a preferred choice to settle disputes.  Introduction:…

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Challenging Arbitrators Appointment in Dubai - DIAC
13 Jan 2016

Challenging Arbitrator's Appointment under UAE Law - DIAC and ADCCAC

 ‘‘ It is of fundamental importance that justice not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly  be seen to be done’’.                                                        …

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Extension of Time in Construction Contracts - STA Law Firm
04 Jan 2016

Extension of Time in Construction Contracts

Extension of Time in Construction Contracts  The construction contracts are generally prepared as per Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (the FIDIC) red books 1987 and 1999, yellow book and silver book contract forms specifically in UAE to deliver projects. The legal provisions applying to such contracts are UAE Civil Code, Federal…

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center (ADCCAC)
11 Nov 2015

ADCCAC - The Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center

ADCCAC - The Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center Evolution has created several ways of defying the unsettling consequences of disputes. In the animal kingdom, where survival is dependent on mutual respect, harmony, and assistance, there is a need to maintain beneficial relationships. For example, chimps kiss and embrace…

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27 Jul 2015

Construction Law: Prolongation Claim in Arbitration

Construction Insight:     The sight of a rainbow in the middle of a desert is a rather recherché glimpse. The United Arab Emirates, however, is not a conventional desert panorama come true.   Take for example the construction industry in the region. There is an interesting mix of cultures…

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Arbitration Law Firm in Qatar
14 Jul 2015

Arbitration Law of Qatar

Having discussed Arbitration in the UAE in Court Uncourt Volume I, we shall now turn to Arbitration procedures in other GCC countries.    Nonchalant observation of creatures such as birds, cats, dogs, and primates distinctly characterizes the fact that dispute and dispute resolution are not concepts confined to the human…

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STA Law Firm - Can you choose your judge
08 Jul 2015

Can You Choose Your Own Judge?

For a variety of reasons, it is highly likely that most people’s instincts would incite them to answer “no”! However, if we peruse UAE legal texts we will find that actually, in most cases, the answer will be “yes”!  Litigation is one of the basic rights guaranteed by most world…

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STA Law Firm - Arbitration in UAE - Arbitrators
24 Sep 2014

Arbitration in the UAE

Arbitration in the UAE Any discussion on recent developments in the field of civil litigation must address the virtual revolution that has taken place with regards to alternative dispute resolution. Needless to say that the legal system has witnessed a steady growth in litigants’ recourse to Alternative dispute resolution (the…

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STA Law Firm - Arbitration in UAE
23 Jul 2014

Law on Arbitration in the UAE (Part II)

Throughout the series of Volume I, I have attempted to discuss arbitration at length. The first article gave a broad understanding of arbitration under UAE’s legal system and the second article explored technical issues relating to nullification of arbitration award and grounds available to challenge the same. In the third…

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Ijarah, Arbitration, Dubai Law, Lawyers, STA
16 May 2014

Ijarah and Arbitration

Questions that are generally debated these days within business and legal diasporas pertain to the recession aftermath. These questions seek to inquire matters such as i) what led to the recession, ii) could it have been prevented and; iii) what do we learn from this precedent? For instance, let us…

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arbitration in Dubai - STA Law Firm - Copyrights Protected
14 May 2014

Arbitration in Dubai and the UAE

Arbitration in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) In our previous newsletter issue, we addressed the legal aspects of arbitration under the UAE Civil Code and further understanding legislature’s intention in developing arbitration as alternative means of resolving disputes. The article clarified that parties choosing to opt for arbitration…

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