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18 Jun 2018

The Law, the iPhone and Facial Recognition

eye(PHONE) Mahatma Gandhi said an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Talking about eyes, we have heard that every closed eye is not sleeping and every open sight is not seeing. From eyeglasses to contact lens and from augmented reality to google glass, disruptive technologies…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
17 May 2018

Lord Woolf's Reforms and Civil Procedure Rules 1998

Do Lord Woolf’S Reforms Need Reforming? Part 1: The Lord Woolf Reform and the Current UK Civil Justice System Law may seem an unchanging presence that looms over all. It indeed dictates our everyday lives. Every action that an individual performs must take into account what the law may say…

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Arbitration in the UAE
07 Feb 2018

Arbitration - Criminal Liability of Arbitrators

Criminal Liability of Arbitrators in the UAE Are arbitrators above the law? Have you thought about arbitrators and the importance of their role in international arbitration tribunals? Well, arbitrators are the most crucial element of the modern alternative dispute resolution system. Their position is similar to that of judges who…

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Arbitration in Dubai and UAE
16 Dec 2017

Arbitration Award Vs Public Order

Arbitration Award Vs Public Order “Public order is a fragile thing, and if you don’t fix the first broken window soon all windows will be broken”         James O Wilson Many of us flinch at the thought of court proceedings, given its costly and lengthy nature. But luckily…

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Aviation Lawyers in Dubai
02 Dec 2017

Aviation Law - Country Guide: UAE - Q & A

Aviation Law Guide: United Arab Emirates Part 1 - General                                                                                 …

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Banking Law Firms in Dubai
26 Aug 2017

Boarding Complete: An Islamic Rendering (Part 1 of 2)

Boarding Complete: An Islamic Rendering Part I of II Islamic Principles not only lay guidance on the relationship between man and God but also provide directives on a system of transactions for dealings between man and man to lead a life in an Islamic way. Such Islamic jurisprudence referred to…

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Shipping Law Firms in Dubai
22 Aug 2017

Maritime Arbitration- Legal Perspectives

Maritime Arbitration- Legal Perspectives Courts can no longer individually address the issue of conflict resolution and as such the modern business world requires an alternative means of conflict resolution to meet its demands. A need arises for a legal mechanism through which parties can resolve their disputes quickly, fairly, efficiently,…

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Lawyers in Riyadh
29 Jul 2017

Who’s Winning and Who’s Whining

Who’s Winning and Who’s Whining Under Saudi Arabia’s New Enforcement Law Preface "The Prophet Muhammad (resorted to) arbitration to resolve disputes and (recommended) others to use it. His (involvement in) arbitration between the clans of the Quraysh tribe during the renovation of the Ka'ba is significant in the history of…

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Arbitration Lawyers in Dubai
04 Jun 2017

The Effect of Brexit on International Arbitration

The Effect of Brexit on International Arbitration ‘When life gives you orange, make orange juice'1 Does life always give oranges, you may ask? To some, oranges are acidic but for a few a morning without orange juice is like a day without sunshine. They are packed with vitamin C and…but…

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Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts
08 Jan 2017

Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts

Delay Penalty in Construction Contracts “No construction project is risk-free. Risk can be managed, minimized, shared, transferred or accepted. It cannot be ignored” -Michael Latham Scope and usage of back-to-back contracts Back-to-back contracts are becoming an increasingly common feature of construction projects. Construction projects typically involve the collaboration of three…

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STA Law Firm | Lawyers in Dubai
07 Jan 2017

Be Aware, else Beware (Part I of II)

Be Aware, else Beware (Part I of II) ‘Ignorance of the law excuses no man; not that all men know the law, but because it’s an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to refute him’ -  John Seldon The law has provided that an ignorance of…

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STA Law Firm | Dubai Law Firm
07 Jan 2017

Different Strokes for Different Courts

Different Strokes for Different Courts In January of 2012, Macy’s, a renowned retail store, decided to sue Martha Stewart for entering into a contract with a rival retail store J.C. Penney, which they claimed breached their own contract with Martha Stewart for exclusive products in 2006. This led to a…

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arbiteration lawyers in Dubai
02 Jun 2016

The ICC International Court of Arbitration

The ICC International Court of Arbitration STA's Dispute Resolution Team discusses the role of International Chamber of Commerce in dispute resolution and specifically in cross-border disputes, dispute that pique unique challenges and address the moot question as to why is the ICC today a preferred choice to settle disputes.  Introduction:…

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Challenging Arbitrators Appointment in Dubai - DIAC
13 Jan 2016

Challenging Arbitrator's Appointment under UAE Law - DIAC and ADCCAC

 ‘‘ It is of fundamental importance that justice not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly  be seen to be done’’.                                                        …

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