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02 Feb 2022

Patent waiver on vaccines

Patent waiver on vaccines A patent right is an absolute right given for an invention of a product or process which will proscribe others from utilizing, distributing or retailing the product without the consent of the owner. The patent protection is subjected under the TRIPS agreement. The patent holders have the prerogative to manufacture, sell, and use the vaccine for the entire term of 20 years from the date of the filing of the…

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Data security Laws in UAE
03 Jan 2022

Cryptocurrency's Ransomware Problem (USA)

Explaining Cryptocurrency's Ransomware Problem (USA) Introduction A hacker gains access to a company's computer system and encrypts its data, effectively halting operations. The data is then held captive by the hacker until a ransom is paid. If the demand is for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, the victim must open a cryptocurrency…

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consumer protection laws in UAE
23 May 2021

The Legality of Backdating Contracts

The Legality of Backdating Contracts Introduction  The “contract date”, seemingly a very basic concept, can contribute to some problems and confusion among parties contracting therein. The main issue that parties may face is regarding the interpretation of the dates mentioned in the contract. There are essentially three types of dates…

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corporate lawyers in Dubai
05 Mar 2021

Business Exit Strategy for Family Owned Business

Business Exit Strategy for a Family-Owned Business Introduction  Companies like Walmart in the US and Reliance in India are some really successful examples of family-owned businesses. However, family and business are two parallel worlds that should ideally never meet. Operating a family business comes with its own challenges and results…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
07 Jan 2021

Concealment of Assets in Bankruptcy

Concealment of Assets in Bankruptcy Introduction  A businessman's business is basically his baby; the decision of going through the process of bankruptcy is probably the most difficult decision that a company has to make throughout its lifetime. Everyone involved in the procedure, be it, the debtors or creditors are losers…

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Property Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
10 Dec 2020

Confidentiality in International Arbitration

Confidentiality in International Arbitration Introduction  Confidentiality is the essence of trust, which is why individuals, corporations and even government bodies resort to Arbitration. Confidentiality is attractive to litigants internationally for a myriad of reasons, like freedom of making arguments which would not normally be made at a public forum, or…

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Lawyers in Dubai
28 Sep 2020

Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, 2018- USA

Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, 2018- USA National security always matters, obviously. But the reality is that if you have an open door in your software for the good guys, the bad guys get in there, too. - Tim Cook The Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
25 Aug 2020

A Guide to REITs

A Guide on REITs Since time immemorial, real estate has been acknowledged as a historically significant investment class- one that offers increased portfolio diversification, low volatility, and optimally risk-adjusted returns. A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a financial instrument that not only allows investment in real estate but an…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
23 Jul 2020

Termination in case of Terminal Illness, UAE

Termination in case of Terminal Illness, UAE It has been an unexpectedly enlightening experience to see patients' primary concern once they are diagnosed with a terminal illness is whether they will be able to continue working while they are receiving their treatment or not and the extent of treatment on…

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intellectual Property Laws in UAE
31 May 2020

Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property

Joint Ownership of Intellectual Property   Introduction Henry David Thoreau said, “the world is a canvas to the imagination.” This is very accurate as ideas are the foundation of any success, business, or personal. Depending on the effort put and the extensive research into the innovation, it is safe to…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
22 Apr 2020

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Special Purpose Acquisition Company One or more private individuals/entities can create a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) for the special purpose of acquiring interest in one or more existing companies or businesses by raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO), and therefore, receive profit from such a merger, acquisition…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
22 Mar 2020

US: Cause of Action under Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Cause of Action under Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (hereinafter “RESPA”) came into effect since June 20, 1975. The law is bulky and a code into web of accountability all the parties to the real estate settlement transactions viz. mortgage brokers, servicers of…

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aviation lawyers in Dubai
09 Mar 2020

Air Crash Liability in International Air Law

Airplane Crash Liability in International Law Introduction The two recent international aeroplane crashes (the Lion Air crash and the Ethiopian Air crash) resulted an international outcry over the safety of passengers aboard international flights. Consequently, the question of which entity can be held accountable for these disasters is on the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
23 Feb 2020

US: Admissibility of Forensic Evidence in Courts

Admissibility of Forensic Evidence in Courts – USA Overview Introduction Miscarriage of justice is an existential problem, reigning throughout the years with what looks like no end in sight. Worldwide, several people are wrongly convicted and executed for crimes they did not commit. This ultimately leads to the individual who…

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