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02 Feb 2022

Patent waiver on vaccines

Patent waiver on vaccines A patent right is an absolute right given for an invention of a product or process which will proscribe others from utilizing, distributing or retailing the product without the consent of the owner. The patent protection is subjected under the TRIPS agreement. The patent holders have the prerogative to manufacture, sell, and use the vaccine for the entire term of 20 years from the date of the filing of the…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
27 Dec 2021

Economic and Fraud Provisions in the Middle East

Economic and Fraud Provisions in the Middle East “There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open…

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Healthcare lawyers in UAE
01 Mar 2021

Manufacturing, Importation, Marketing and Advertising of Healthcare Products and Medicines in UAE

Q&A guide to the commercialisation of healthcare in the United Arab Emirates Question Set: Medicines Question Body: What is the definition of medicine (or equivalent) in your jurisdiction? Answer Body: "Medical products" are defined in UAE law as "all drugs, medical devices or healthcare products". "Drug" is defined as "any…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
05 Oct 2020

A Guide to Medical Malpractice

A Guide to Medical Malpractice: A Medico-Legal Team Is Central to Your Case A patient goes to the doctor or hospital, trusting the ability of the healthcare professional in curing any ailment. Complete trust is placed upon the doctor's skills and knowledge, his specialty, and the various professional degrees suffixed…

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pharmaceutical Laws in UAE
07 Dec 2019

Country Pharmaceutical Guide: Kuwait

Distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Medicines: Kuwait Introduction The area of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is regarded as an "emerging market" for pharmaceutical exports and bilateral trade. Learning this region's regulatory requirements can be beneficial for pharmaceutical exports. The Gulf countries ' regulations promote the importation of quality generic…

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Media Lawyers in Dubai
08 Oct 2019

Regulation on Pharmaceutical Industry in the United Kingdom

Regulation on Medicinal Products, Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Industry in the UK Imagine that you are an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry having recently made a scientific breakthrough in a critical field. Your first instinct is to get this breakthrough certified and licensed, so it can be manufactured and sold…

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Lawyers in Dubai
06 Jan 2019

Healthcare and AI

  Abu Dhabi’s New Policy on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Sector Scientists throughout history have delivered many inventions that have continuously made human life much easier. The most recent technology that has changed all our lives is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be termed by…

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Healthcare lawyers in Abu Dhabi
18 Dec 2018

Recent Development in Abu Dhabi Healthcare Sector

Recent Development in Abu Dhabi Healthcare Sector “It is health that is real wealth”- Mahatma Gandhi Introduction Over the past decades, the UAE health sector has witnessed a dramatic change along with impressive growth. UAE has a federal government which oversees the entire country’s health sector. The government also finances…

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Lawyers in Dubai
20 Sep 2018

Stem Cell Research and Recent Developments

Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Its Implications for Destruction of Foetus Introduction Embryonic stem cell research is a cause of great contention globally, and the regulation and stigma around such research is and will continue to be a heated topic. In the governance of every country, the murder of another…

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Lawyers in Dubai
27 Aug 2018

CRISPR and Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority

CRISPR Gene Editing Technology The Human Advancement Human often marvels at the things they create. From large structure to technologically mind-blowing machines, many impressive achievements warrant awe and amazement. A close look at these things will reveal their workings and both their strengths and their flaws. However, surrounded by all…

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Healthcare Laws of UAE
06 Jan 2018

Healing from a Distance

Healing From a Distance: A Robot Today Can Keep the Doctors Away “In a few years, the idea of receiving medical treatment exclusively at a doctor’s office or hospital will seem quaint.” - Harvard Business Review In a time where technological advancement has revolutionized the spread of information and the…

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Healthcare Lawyers in Dubai UAE
14 Jul 2017

The New Medical Liability Law in the UAE: A New Horizon

The New Medical Liability Law in the UAE: A New Horizon “If people understood that doctors weren't divine, perhaps the odor of malpractice might diminish.” {C}-        Richard Selzer People seek the assistance of professionals with the view of obtaining expert advice on matters that are beyond their proficiency or expertise.…

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Parallel Importation Dubai UAE
01 Feb 2017

Medicinal Product Regulation and Product Liability in the United Arab Emirates: An Overview (Part II of II)

Medicinal Product Regulation and Product Liability in the United Arab Emirates: An Overview (Part II of II) In Part I, we discussed technical aspects pertaining to Pharmaceutical Product Regulations applicable in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Part I explored varied areas including regulatory bodies and applicable law, regulation of biological…

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Health care Lawyers in Dubai and UAE
04 May 2015

Zooming In On Public Health Institutions

Corporate Governance In The UAE “When it comes to health, your zip code matters more than your genetic code. &Dr. Tony Iton  when one thinks of a hospital, the image that pops up in one’s head is that of doctors, emergency rooms, operating theatres and ambulances. What we fail to…

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