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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
14 Nov 2021

Family Law in the GCC

Family Law in GCC A Family is formed by considering several factors like the social, political, and monetary. Similarly, there is a legal design in framing a family. In a net shell a family law covers two fundamental fields one is the relationship between spouses and the other is the…

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Data security Laws in UAE
19 Oct 2021

Electronic Privacy Laws in the GCC

A closer look at Electronic Privacy Laws in the GCC The cooperation council for the Arab State of the Gulf is commonly known as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is a regional, intergovernmental, political and economic union that consists of all Arab states of the Persian Gulf except Iraq. The…

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Lawyers in Dubai
27 Aug 2021

Transfer Pricing Regulations in the Middle East

Transfer Pricing Regulations in the Middle East The Transfer Pricing is a common mechanism which the countries use to transfer the tax base. The transfer is often from countries with high taxation to countries with low taxation. Transfer Pricing deprives states of their fair share of taxes from global corporations. In…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
03 Jun 2021

Rail Infrasructure Projects in the GCC

Rail Infrasructure Projects in the GCC Rail Projects are always an ambitious and expensive affair every country hopes for, not to mention the long time periods required to complete and establish such projects as operational. While providing extensive environmental benefits, reducing the pollution created by cars and other heavy operational…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
16 Feb 2021

Initial Public Offering - Qatar

Initial Public Offering - Qatar Introduction Qatar Exchange Company was established in 2009 replacing the Doha Securities Market. The exchange is monitored by Qatar Financial Market Authority (QFMA) and is a platform for trading various securities in the form of IPOs and other financial instruments. The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC)…

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Lawyers in Dubai
25 Oct 2020

Intellectual Property Rights: Exhaustion of Ownership and Parallel Imports

 Parallel Imports in Middle East and India Introduction Parallel Imports  The term parallel import denotes importation of goods legitimately acquired from the owner of the goods subsequently sold in an unauthorized manner through unauthorized trade channels.  These goods may also be referred to as grey market goods, since, despite being…

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Lawyers in Dubai
15 Sep 2018

Patent Registration in UAE and GCC - Bespoke Guide

A Guide on Patent Registration in the GCC “The Patent Office is the Mother-In-Law of Invention.” Introduction Senior MIT lecturer Joe Hadzima defines a patent as follows, “A patent is an exclusive right issued by a country to an inventor, allowing him to exclude others from manufacturing, using or selling…

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Law Firms in Dubai
18 Jun 2018

Extensive Guide on GCC Agency Laws

Agency Laws in the GCC Countries - An Extensive Guide Introduction The extension of the multinational partnership is either setting up its subsidiary in remote purview or to tie up with the local organization in a foreign jurisdiction. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the distant locals where international…

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Corporate Lawyers in Dubai and UAE
29 Jun 2017

Value Creation Through Mergers and Acquisitions

  The word 'efficiency' may not mean much for those of you who were absent during economics class in school. It is a term around which the whole concept of economic studies in based. Investopedia[i] defines 'efficiency' as the allocation of resources in an optimal manner to serve a company…

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Top IT Law Firms in Dubai
24 Jun 2017

Cyber Crimes & Courts

Cyber Crimes & Courts Jurisdiction (by default) is the practical and ultimate authority within the legal society to administer, review and to execute laws and regulations within a well-defined area of region and responsibility. Therefore, immediately following the commission of a crime within a particular state, the judicial body in that province…

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Trademark Registration Guide for GCC - STA Law Firm
05 Jun 2017

Trademark Registration Guide - GCC (Updated June 2017)

Trademark Registration in GCC Countries Country and Applicable Legislation Length of Trademark (in years) Trademark Definition Eligible Applicants Documentation Requirement Language Requirement and Procedures Treaty/ Classification Treaty/Classification Benefits Trademark Registration in UAE United Arab Emirates (the UAE ). The UAE Trademark Law Number 37 of 1992 was amended by Law number…

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Construction Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
23 May 2017

Construction Law and the Application of Time

Construction Law and the Application of Time   Power can not confer to what does not exist. Humankind has needed something to organize and structure his life, so we created time. So that, we using time as a benchmark can keep ourselves in check.  It is, essentially, a social construct,…

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Banking Lawyers in Dubai
20 May 2017

Guarantee - Law, and Practice in UAE

Guarantee - Law, and Practice in UAE “Credit is a 'system' wherein a person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay.” - Charles Dickens     In this modern world of fragile finances, the irony of Charles Dickens’ statement is well understood.…

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Property Lawyers in UAE
29 Mar 2017

FIDIC in the Middle East - The Must Knows for Industry Players

FIDIC in the Middle East - The Must Knows for Industry Players   The UAE industry has seldom been ignorant to internationally set standards- that in more than one ways.    Originally established as an organization by three founding countries Belgium, France, and Switzerland- today FIDIC, which is an abbreviation…

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