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25 Sep 2019

United States: Marine Insurance and Warranties

Warranties in Marine Insurance: USA It was in the 18th Century that, Lord Mansfield attempted to separate the concept by mentioning that warranties are a part of a policy that is written; however, the representations are created out of a written agreement and can be answered either equally or substantially.…

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17 Jul 2018

Limiting the Liability : United Arab Emirates

Limitation Funds in UAE As with most of the world’s trading countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embraced international conventions in its national laws which, in certain conditions, allow carriers such as shipowners to confine their liability for claims made against them. Archaeologically, the reason for letting shipowners limit their…

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30 Apr 2018


An Overview of The UN Convention on Contracts For The International Sale of Goods Part II (Provision)   CISG in Action With the original signatures of representatives from 62 countries,[i]CISG Convention entered into force in 1998—where, despite its number of signatories, it was only ratified by ten nations. Its original…

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Shipping law firms in Dubai
30 Apr 2018

Law of Sea - International Perspective

LAW OF SEA  “It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.” -Hunter S. Thompson As in the movie Life of Pi, where the adventures of the sea help the…

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Shipping Lawyers in Dubai
29 Mar 2018

Bahrain Logistics Zone

THE HEART OF GULF – BAHRAIN “A ‘start-up’ is a company that is confused about – what is products, who its customers are and how to make money.” Centrally located in the Gulf, stable economic climate, business-friendly atmosphere, state-of-art technology, and exceptional business opportunities are sufficient to convince an investor…

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Shipping Lawyers in Dubai
15 Nov 2017

Claiming Demurrage for Unreturned Containers

CLAIMING DEMURRAGE FOR UNRETURNED CONTAINERS A Case Study Time and tide wait for none. The earliest acknowledged record of this proverb is by St. Marher in 1225; however, the actual origin of this saying cannot be certainly determined. St. Marher had stated that ‘te tide and te time þat tu…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
27 Sep 2017

Mr. DEBT’s hello to Mr. DAMAGE: Case Analysis on Freight Industry

Mr. DEBT’s hello to Mr. DAMAGE: Case Analysis on Freight Industry Suppose an individual has borrowed a specific sum of money against an asset of a reciprocal value as security. However, the debtor fails to fulfill his obligation; and subsequently, the creditor exercises his lien and disposes of the former’s…

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OW Bunker Dilemma - STA Law Firm - Shipping Law Firm - Dubai, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Middle East, Asia
08 Jun 2016

OW Bunker Dilemma

OW Bunker Dilemma Who to pay when the bunker supplier becomes insolvent 1.   Introduction The collapse of OW Bunker group (the OW) has been extensively reported worldwide. OW has been one of the world’s largest bunker suppliers filed for bankruptcy in 2014. The financial collapse of OW has far-reaching consequences…

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UAE Maritime Lawyers - Court Uncourt
20 Jan 2016

Vessel Arrest - Overview of Dubai and UAE Laws

Maritime trade has been carried out since ages, and it remains to be the backbone of the world economy by hauling around 80 to 90% of world trade. UAE being the place in between Asia and Europe has been a natural port. UAE is bordering the Gulf of Oman and…

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STA Law Firm - Shipping & Maritime Lawyers in Dubai
21 Jul 2014

Crash and Splash - UAE Shipping & Maritime Law

Crash and Splash - UAE Shipping and Maritime Law 1. What is maritime collision? A maritime collision is when there is physical contact between two vessels. This can be classified as one of three categories: i) fault of one vessel, ii) fault of both vessels, and iii) force majeure (event that…

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UAE Shipping Law Firm
22 May 2014

Shipping and Maritime Laws (Part 1)

Introduction Travel and transport by the sea is the earliest recorded channels of commerce. Dispute resolution that involved maritime trade was developed much earlier in history than any other. Maritime law has undergone significant transformations since then. Though each nation has its own legislation governing maritime matters, it is imperative…

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