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07 Sep 2019

Hong Kong Data Protection Privacy Regulations

Hong Kong Data Protection and Privacy Regulations Introduction Data protection and privacy matters are becoming a continuously more significant issue, and individuals are giving more consideration to it than ever before. A key reason for this is because of the ease with which information is obtained. Also, considerable numbers of…

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25 Aug 2019

A Guide to Tax Regulations in Hong Kong

A Guide to Tax Regulations in Hong Kong Introduction While considering moving a business into a new market, one of the key consideration is that country’s tax regime. What are the incentives that would attract foreign investment? Are there any double tax treaties in place? What is the rate for…

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10 Jul 2019

IPR: Mutual Recognition of Awards Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Mutual Recognition of award between Hong Kong and Mainland China with regards to Intellectual Property Rights Introduction For 22 years, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been described as “one country, two systems”.  Since the handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in July 1997, both these…

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