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banking lawyers in Dubai
31 Mar 2020

Insolvency Law in the UAE

Insolvency Law in the UAE N Anand With UAE’s emergence as a global business hub, owing to its flexible economic structure and numerous free zones, financial bankruptcy and insolvency was an issue that plagued investors and individuals. To address this, the UAE introduced Federal Law Number 9 of 2016, otherwise…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
24 Mar 2020

Public Procurement Law in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Public Procurement Law in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Though it is noteworthy that public procurement is a national activity, it is keenly gauged by international bodies like World Bank, World Trade Organization (WTO) that approximates the contribution of public procurement in GDP up to 10 to 15% signalling public procurement…

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Patent Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
04 Mar 2020

Patent Laws in the UAE

Patent Laws in the UAE (Part 1 of 2) Guidance to readers: This is the first part of a two-part series on various aspects of patent law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including statutory interpretation, dispute resolution mechanism, judicial authority, patent infringement, enforcement, rights of patent holders, procedural aspects and…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
26 Feb 2020

Grounds for Rejection of the Plaint: Indian CPC, 1908

Grounds for Rejection of the Plaint: The Indian Civil Procedure Code The plaint is petitioned for instituting a suit in the civil or commercial courts. A court of civil jurisdiction will be administered by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (CPC). Order VII of CPC is visualized with the provisions…

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Lawyers in Dubai
31 Jan 2020

Indian Civil Procedure Code: Reciprocating Territory and Superior Court

Reciprocating Territory and Superior Court in the Indian Civil Procedurs Code  George SK and N. Anand The Ministry of Law and Justice of India has passed a notification on 17 January 2020 in the official Gazette of India declaring United Arab Emirates to be a reciprocating territory in respect with Explanation 1…

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Mediation laws in UAE
07 Jan 2020

Mediation Between Victims and Offenders

Victim-Offender Mediation: An alternative to the Criminal Justice System? Abstract: Victims feel progressively baffled and estranged by our current frameworks for justice. Despite the fact that the criminal justice framework exists accurately, victims abused by criminal conduct have no legitimate remaining during the time spent getting justice. Traditionally, mediation is…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
22 Dec 2019

Value Added Tax Penalties in the United Arab Emirates

Value Added Tax Penalties in the United Arab Emirates Abstract: Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied on consumption or the use of goods and services at each stage in the chain of its production and distribution; from raw material to its final sale based on the price…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
21 Nov 2019

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts

Hedging Strategies for Power Contracts Introduction The worldwide establishment of the power markets is primarily due to the global restructuring and reorganisation of the electricity and other energy supply market. Since the electric power industry is structured in three distinct segments of power generation ranging from production to transmission and…

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banking law firms in UAE
17 Nov 2019

India: The Negotiable Instruments Act 1881

Dishonour of cheques in India as per Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Introduction The whole concept of using cheques, even at this day and age where other progressive modes of transactions are available, is to keep proper record and use it as proof of payment. There are more security and surety…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 Nov 2019

The Tort of Trade Mark Passing Off Around the World

The Tort of Trade Mark Passing Off Around the World Introduction The reason trademarks are so crucial in the modern business world is due to how the customers and consumer loyalty work. Often, when considering a particular industry such as, for example, fast food, there will be specific names which…

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banking lawyers in Dubai
05 Nov 2019

Loan Settlement with Banks, Travel Bans and other Implications

Do you have outstanding bank loans and credit card payments? “Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.” Often, unexpected events can astound an individual in an array of ways like a change in employment, personal emergency, etc., which…

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Lawyers in Kuwait
27 Oct 2019

Executing Foreign Awards in Kuwait

Enforcing Foreign Awards in Kuwait Introduction With the world ever moving towards a more globalised structure, clarity and cooperation are more important than ever. The move towards a more integrated world has been occurring for decades, most notably following the end of the Second World War. Some of the most…

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Employment Laws in UAE
14 Oct 2019

Redundancy of Employment : English Law

Redundancy of Employment Redundancy is one of the most contested and controversial aspects of employment, especially with regards to economies with unfavourable economic climates. Many employers may sometimes be faced with the unfortunate challenge of instituting changes into their business and their business practices in order to reduce operating costs…

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Lawyers in Dubai
12 Oct 2019

E-contracts in Dubai and the UAE

E-contracts in UAE Introduction In today's modern E-world, it should come as no surprise that businesses prefer communicating officially online. From arranging meetings to agreeing on legally binding contracts, this trend of electronic business is fast growing. This trend of communicating through emails and applications led to the formation of…

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