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03 Sep 2019

Force Majeure Clauses and the Limitation of Liability

Force Majeure Clauses and the Limitation of Liability Introduction Force majeure roughly translates to ‘superior force’ and is used when referring to unforeseeable events taking place. For the most part, unforeseeable events are not attractive prospects for any individual, especially in the case of business agreements. While contracts generally do…

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arbitration lawyers in Dubai
27 Aug 2019

Dispute Resolution under the New UAE FDI Law

Dispute Resolution under the New UAE FDI Law The United Arab Emirates’ new law on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which came into effect on October 30, 2018, will set a new point of reference by permitting 100 percent foreign ownership of companies in UAE. The new enactment, which plots who…

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Financial Lawyers in UAE
25 Aug 2019

Churning Is it Ethical

Churning: Is it Ethical? What is Churning: Churning takes place when a broker undertakes excessive trading, i.e. buying and selling of securities in the investor’s account for generating commissions that may benefit the broker or the securities agent. The broker has to exercise unwarranted control over the critical decisions about…

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Media Lawyers in Dubai
24 Jul 2019

Media Laws in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Media Regulations in the United Arab Emirates I. Introduction Indubitably, the inception of mass media was with newspapers that delivered information and news from the 1690s till present. Having been cultivated in the minds of the people, several other modes have been devised that make an intricate part of our…

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Media Lawyers in India
18 Jul 2019

Media and Entertainment Law: Film Censorship in India

Censorship of Films in India I. Introduction Censorship is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘prohibition or suppression of any part of the news, books, films, etc. that are considered politically unacceptable, obscene, or a threat to security.’ Films are considered an excellent medium of communication with the general…

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Lawyers in Dubai
15 Jul 2019

Contract Law and Termination for Convenience Clause

The Legality of Termination for Convenience Clauses Under the global laws for international contracts and agreements, it is highly significant to identify the clauses which put forth the concept of termination for convenience. In general terms, it may sound that, via this clause, either party can conveniently step out from…

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Lawyers in Dubai
30 Jun 2019

UAE Law on Dormant Bank Accounts

UAE Law(s) Concerning Dormant Bank Accounts Introduction Bank accounts are among the most critical and valuable accounts that can belong to an individual. Long past is the time when people would stash their money in hidden safes and secret location, and the concept of stashing ones valuables in a mattress…

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Debt Collection in Dubai
19 Jun 2019

Debt Collection in UAE

Debt Collection in UAE “If you would know the value of money try to borrow some.”- Benjamin Franklin What is debt? From the ancient times of the barter system, traces of debts can be found. This was when people exchanged goods and serviced for other goods and services. But now…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
14 May 2019

Law Surrounding Personal Injury in UAE

Personal Injury Lawsuit in the UAE Ubi jus ibi remedium –legal maxim meaning, "where there is a right, there is a remedy", is the basis of the principle of personal injury liability or so famously called tortious liability. One among the many accepted and acclaimed definitions of "tort", as postulated…

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Immigration laws in UAE
30 Apr 2019

Law Surrounding Deportation: United Arab Emirates

Deportability in the UAE and related aspects In the event that you've at any point heard that somebody was deported — ousted from a nation — at that point you can likely guess that deportation is the act of that incident. Deportation can include an occupant of a nation who…

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Lawyers in Dubai
23 Apr 2019

Banking and Finance: Syndicate Loan Contracts

Syndicate Loan Agreement and Select Clauses Almost every day, we witness the birth of several new innovative projects, worth billions of dollars of investment. Many often ponder the origins of such investment. Banks play a crucial role in lending these funds to clients, ranging from corporations to large projects, and…

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Lawyers in Dubai
20 Apr 2019

Personal Injury Claims Under Dubai Laws

Personal Injury Claims Under Dubai Laws What is a Personal Injury? Personal Injury, a broad term, involves an injury that is sustained physically, emotionally or mentally by a person as a result of the negligent or intentional actions of another person, including a business entity. The victim is entitled to…

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Sharjah Tenancy Disputes.
10 Apr 2019

Sharjah Rental Law

To change or not to change? “Dubai rents have started to fall for the first time in three years.” Note: This article was updated on 10 April 2019 As I turned on the radio and drove to the office this morning the first news item I heard was about the…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
19 Mar 2019

Regulations Governing Juveniles

‘Doli Incapax’ – An International Perspective on Juvenile Justice 'No civilised society regards children as accountable for their actions to the same extent as adults ... The wisdom of protecting young children against the full rigour of the law is beyond argument. The difficulty lies in determining when and under…

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