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Media Lawyers in Dubai
24 Jul 2019

Media Laws in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Media Regulations in the United Arab Emirates I. Introduction Indubitably, the inception of mass media was with newspapers that delivered information and news from the 1690s till present. Having been cultivated in the minds of the people, several other modes have been devised that make an intricate part of our…

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Media Lawyers in India
18 Jul 2019

Media and Entertainment Law: Film Censorship in India

Censorship of Films in India I. Introduction Censorship is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘prohibition or suppression of any part of the news, books, films, etc. that are considered politically unacceptable, obscene, or a threat to security.’ Films are considered an excellent medium of communication with the general…

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Law Firms in Abu Dhabi
20 Jun 2018

New Cinema Licensing Regime in Saudi Arabia

New Cinema Licensing Regime in Saudi Arabia “Cinema is not a slice of life; it is a piece of cake.”        – Alfred Hitchcock Overview: In December 2017, the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information (the MOCI) issued an official statement stating that commercial cinemas will be made legal starting…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 Jun 2018

UAE Social Media Regulations and its Impact on Influencers

The Life and Time of Social Media We have entered into a time where people frequent on of social and electronic media as much as they breathe in and out. Our reliance on these platforms grows as quickly as the number of platforms available. This rapid growth of electronic media…

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Media and Entertainment Lawyers in Dubai - STA Law Firm
03 Jul 2016


Re-MEDIA-ble – A discussion on contracts relevant to Media and Entertainment Industry In this Article, Zisha Rizvi discusses the ongoing trends in the Media and Entertainment Industry within the United Arab Emirates, the status of free zone media houses and a brief on the compliance requirements. “I holly- wood”. On…

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Media Lawyers in Dubai
27 May 2015


Control of the Media in UAE Law If the head of STA was to look at the internet tabs open on our computers right now he’d wonder if we had done any work today, with Facebook, BBC News, The National, Buzz feed, the Financial Times and various national publications from…

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