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14 Dec 2019

Aircraft Repossession Procedures in the UAE

Aircraft Repossession Under the Cape Town Convention in the United Arab Emirates Let us face this: aircrafts are expensive, and we always tend to lease expensive assets with a depreciated value as opposed to purchasing the same. Therefore, one could safely say that aircraft leasing is one of the most…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
24 Sep 2019

Importation of Private Aircraft in EU

Importation of Private Aircraft into the European Union Introduction Consider this scenario. An individual who has been a resident outside the European Union (EU) for ten or more years, intends to import a private jet into the United Kingdom. The aircraft is to be purchased by a British Virgin Islands…

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Technology Lawyers in Dubai
09 May 2019

Citizenship for Robots

Should Robots be Granted Citizenship? It’s 2019 and with the world progressively stepping towards technological advancement, active presence of machines is no surprise. Within considerable amount of time, artificial intelligence has taken over the world with its ideas and promises. Human beings are doing everything possible to ease out their…

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aviation lawyers in Dubai
25 Mar 2019

Tokyo Convention Amendment

Tokyo Convention Amendment Introduction The Tokyo Convention initially completed on September 14 of 1963, and it entered into force on December 4, 1969, has the full name 'The Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft'. Being an international treaty, nations must ratify it for it to…

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28 Feb 2019

Nuclear Liability Insurance

Guide to Global Nuclear Liability Insurance and Claims   Contents: 1. Introduction 2. How is nuclear energy liability insurance structured? 3. Principles or fundaments governing Nuclear Liability Insurance 4. International Conventions Paris Convention 1960 Brussels Convention 1963 Vienna Convention 1963 Convention of Supplementary Compensation 1997 2004 Paris/Brussels Protocol 5. Global…

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lawyers in Abu Dhabi
21 Jan 2019

Drone and UAV Regulations in the UAE

Drone Laws and Regulations in UAE With new innovations and big investments, drone technology continues to evolve almost every day, bringing more advanced drones to the market every few months. Almost every week we see press releases and research papers on the use of drones in new areas and industries.…

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Lawyers in Dubai
14 Mar 2018

Liability of Aircraft Operators

Liability of Aircraft Operators On 15 July 2009, New York city witnessed a ‘Miracle on the Hudson River’ when flight 1549 departed New York but shortly after the take-off due to bird strike the plane lost its two turbines. The Senior Captain Chesley ‘Sully’Sullenberger was told to return to the…

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Aviation Lawyers in Dubai
02 Dec 2017

Aviation Law - Country Guide: UAE - Q & A

Aviation Law Guide: United Arab Emirates Part 1 - General                                                                                 …

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Aviation Law Firms in Dubai
21 Nov 2017

Technical Aspects of Aircraft Lease

Technical Aspects of Aircraft Lease (Part II of II) In the previous issue, we discussed the various categories of aircraft lease such as a wet lease, dry lease, and damp lease. We also covered broadly the legal requirements for leasing an aircraft in the UAE and its implications. The aviation…

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Aviation Law Firms in UAE
18 Oct 2017

Technical Aspects of Aircraft Leasing

TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF AIRCRAFT LEASING (Part 1 of 2) In the first issue of this two-part series, aviation lawyers at STA discuss the types of aircraft leasing and the legal aspects therewith. Our attorneys have on many occasions advised clients on the legalities surrounding different types of aircraft leasing and…

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Aviation Law Firm in Dubai
30 Apr 2017

Aircraft Mortgages (Part III of III)

Aircraft Mortgages Part III of III For those seeking adventure, the adrenaline of in-flight turbulence is boisterous whereas for most it’s an ill-timed and nerve-wracking experience. Turbulence also has an effect on the aircraft itself. Apparently, science lags behind here, but then aircraft cost millions of dollars. This high price-tag…

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Aircraft Mortgages | STA Law Firm
05 Jan 2017

Aircraft Mortgages (Part II of III)

Aircraft Mortgages (Part II of III) “99% of everything done in the world, good or bad, is done to pay a mortgage. Perhaps the world would be a better place if everyone rented.” Thank You for Smoking (2005) - Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) Due to the primarily finance driven the…

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Aviation Lawyers in Dubai
01 Aug 2016

Aircraft Mortgages

  Aircraft Mortgages STA's team of aviation lawyers discuss the technical aspects surrounding aircraft financing, mortgages, governing law and court precedents under global context.   An economy's financial markets are critical to its overall development. Banking systems and stock markets enhance growth and development, the principal factor in poverty reduction.…

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Technology Lawyers in Dubai
08 Jun 2016

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dealing with Drones - Global Overview

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Dealing with Drones - Global Overview From the printing press to the atomic bomb, humankind reveals an inclination to innovate first and plan later. It is a simple truth that technology develops faster and further than law. Cars and hi-tech smartphones are everyday examples of techniques…

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