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pharmaceutical Laws in UAE
28 Aug 2021

Regulations of the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey

Regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, Clinical Trials in Turkey The Pharmaceutical legislation of Turkey  The Code on Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Preparations No. 1262 (Pharmaceutical Code) is the fundamental piece of legislation that is applied through secondary legislation such as regulations, communiqués, and recommendations to further govern all aspects of the…

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Lawyers in Dubai
27 Aug 2021

Transfer Pricing Regulations in the Middle East

Transfer Pricing Regulations in the Middle East The Transfer Pricing is a common mechanism which the countries use to transfer the tax base. The transfer is often from countries with high taxation to countries with low taxation. Transfer Pricing deprives states of their fair share of taxes from global corporations. In…

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Lawyers in Dubai
27 Jul 2021

Understanding Liability Lawsuits under Turkish Law - Part A

Understanding Liability Lawsuits under Turkish Law - Part A Introduction The term "Liability" has been used extensively in the context of the law. In simple terms, it indicates the legal responsibility a person owns for his/her actions. Liability is mostly governed by the contract and customs of tort when the situation…

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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
09 Jun 2021

Anti-bribery Laws in Turkey

Anti-bribery compliance in Turkey Introduction Corruption is a global phenomenon that affects international commercial dealings. Corruption is a worldwide issue that costs money and lives. It is frequently regarded as a problem that mostly affects poor nations. However, while the harm it causes is magnified in poorer countries, corruption knows…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
29 Apr 2021

Using a Competitor’s Trademark as Keyword

Trending type of Violation in Today's World: Using the Competitor’s Trademark as Keyword Zeynep Yağmur Kutlu Öncü Uçum Abstract In today's world, where competition between companies is intense on the Internet, as well, new protective norms are needed pertaining to trademark rights violations. Accordingly, lawmaker has included the use of…

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