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07 Jul 2021

Bitcoin & Altcoin Mining

Bitcoin & Altcoin Mining What is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin mining is the technique of digitally adding transaction data to the blockchain, which would be a publicly distributed database that contains the background of every bitcoin transaction. Mining is a record-keeping procedure that utilizes massive processing power. Each Bitcoin miner across…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
30 May 2021

Smart Contract Data and Blockchains

Smart Contracts and Blockchains Smart Contracts, the anchored scripts on blockchains, permit the transparent execution of predefined processes. Using smart contracts, assets like money become programmable, which opens up previously inaccessible application potential. Smart contracts are exceptionally effective and control billions in value. Popular now, however, invented in 1994, when…

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Financial lawyers in Dubai
25 Apr 2021

Brief Overview of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

To or Not to NFT NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a type of crypto asset that exists on the blockchain, which is a network that supports other types of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, crypto assets in their NFT form are non-transferable, making them one-of-a-kind. Likewise, it is because of its rarity and uniqueness…

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Financial Lawyers in Dubai
18 Mar 2021

Establishing Policies for Blockchain Technology

Establishing Policies for Blockchain Technology Introduction Blockchain can be considered as a breakaway technology and is currently a hot topic that has been the subject of numerous studies across various industries. Blockchain is briefly defined as a shared ledger database that records and shares every transaction that occurs in the…

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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
12 Dec 2020

Crypto Asset Exchange – Bahrain

Crypto Asset Exchange – Bahrain Introduction Cryptocurrencies gained traction all across the world since its inception, considering this growth in popularity and use, industry experts, praise its potential. This digital currency went from being a mere concept to virtual reality. In the Gulf Region, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are a…

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Lawyers in Abu DHabi
10 Sep 2019

Cryptocurrency and Asset Exchange in the Abu Dhabi Global Market

Cryptocurrency and Asset Exchange in the Abu Dhabi Global Market Currency is defined as something, more often than not paper and coins, that act as a medium of exchange for goods and services. This practice of trade has been a constant for humankind throughout its various ages, occurring in multiple…

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Lawyers in Dubai
15 Aug 2018

Cryptocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency?

Cryptocurrency– A Magical Bubble or The Future of Currency? The noise and media surrounding the notion of cryptocurrency have been increasing the curiosity rapidly. Before curiosity kills the cat, let's walk through the story of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an innovative and a virtual currency that utilizes cryptography for security and…

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MLM Lawyers in Dubai
15 May 2016

Bit Coins: Decrypting the Currency (Updated)

In this interesting Article, Surbhi questions the legal standing of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the challenges it has posed for both financial institutions and regulators at large. Historically, finance has always been international in character; capital has rarely been mobile. Money has moved freely across borders for all of the…

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