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labour law of UAE
17 Mar 2019

Employee's Rights Under UAE Law & International Conventions

A Global View on Workers Rights with Special Emphasis on the UAE Laws “Workers' rights should be a central focus of development” – Joseph Stiglitz   It is often said that workers rights are human rights. The statement expresses the importance of the protection of workers or labours in the…

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labour law of UAE
26 Jan 2019

Understanding and Avoiding Immigration and Labour Bans in the UAE

Understanding and Avoiding Immigration and Labour Bans in the UAE In the United Arab Emirates, two significant categories of visa bans exist a labor ban and an immigration ban. Although these injunctions have been employed by the Ministry of Labour (and now Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) for decades,…

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Law Firms in Dubai
30 Apr 2018

RAK Maritime Free zone Authority

COMPANY FORMATION IN RAK MARITIME CITY  The hidden gem of UAE, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is a mesmeric stretch of golden beaches, terracotta desert, backed up by the wild mountains of Hajar and an ocean of Bedouin Oasis is just out of the shadow of Dubai’s extravagant…

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Employment Lawyers in DIFC
28 Oct 2017

Employment Regime in the DIFC

Employment Regime in the DIFC “A diploma is a piece of paper that is used to acquire another piece of paper: an employment contract.”         Mokokoma Mokhonoana Time and again, our team of employment lawyers in Dubai have discussed the provisions of UAE Federal Law Number 8 of…

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Law Firms in Sharjah
06 Mar 2016

UAE Labour Law 2016: Update

UAE Labour Law 2016 The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest! This New Year kick-started on a Friday with every eye focusing on the blazing night sky filled with Dubai's world famous firework show. The Ministry of Labour(the Ministry) gifted employees of the country with a…

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UAE Labour Law
14 Dec 2015

Non Compete Clause under UAE Labour Law

Employment in the United Arab Emirates is a frequently discussed area of law and there are several publications that have addressed various aspects of the same. In this article, we aim to discuss the legality of non-compete clauses within employment contracts. What is a non-compete clause? A non -compete clause…

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labor law of UAE
13 Mar 2014


  Employee Confidentiality FAQs Whether you have just recently joined or have been working for your employer for a while, it is important that you understand a few important matters relating to your workplace, your rights and obligations to the information you receive, use and share. At your workplace, you…

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UAE Labour Law
03 Mar 2014

UAE Labor Law - Detailed FAQ

With the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar hitting the headlines on a regular basis at present, labor laws throughout the Middle East have been placed under the microscope. The subject of “labor law” in the UAE alone is itself a vast topic, as the relevant legislation is not contained…

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