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UAE Maritime Lawyers - Court Uncourt
20 Jan 2016

Vessel Arrest - Overview of Dubai and UAE Laws

Maritime trade has been carried out since ages, and it remains to be the backbone of the world economy by hauling around 80 to 90% of world trade. UAE being the place in between Asia and Europe has been a natural port. UAE is bordering the Gulf of Oman and…

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STA Law Firm - Shipping & Maritime Lawyers in Dubai
21 Jul 2014

Crash and Splash - UAE Shipping & Maritime Law

Crash and Splash - UAE Shipping and Maritime Law 1. What is maritime collision? A maritime collision is when there is physical contact between two vessels. This can be classified as one of three categories: i) fault of one vessel, ii) fault of both vessels, and iii) force majeure (event that…

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UAE Shipping Law Firm
22 May 2014

Shipping and Maritime Laws (Part 1)

Introduction Travel and transport by the sea is the earliest recorded channels of commerce. Dispute resolution that involved maritime trade was developed much earlier in history than any other. Maritime law has undergone significant transformations since then. Though each nation has its own legislation governing maritime matters, it is imperative…

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