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One of the most affluent and stable members of the EU; Austria offers lucrative opportunities for foreign investors. Geographically located in a business-friendly zone, it is a door to the Eastern Europe markets. With social and economic stability, as well as its high quality of life, investments in Austria are likely to yield a profit. The country’s location at the center of Europe is an advantage for investors to exploit its geographic, economic and political ties to enter the Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Being prominent as an intersection of international trade and travel routes, it encourages foreign investors to begin investing in Austria. The openness to global trade and investment is institutionalized and supported by an efficient entrepreneurial framework. It’s a preferred business place by many companies due to its central distribution and logistics location in Western Europe.

The Austrian government has implemented policies to boost the economic power of the country in the region and beyond. Foreign investments have a diversified portfolio in the country. Investors will find Austria’s population not only productive but also resourceful; this stems from the efforts and investments in education and skill training – Austria prides itself on its highly-educated and skilled workforce. It doesn’t surprise when the unemployment figures are an excellent low. Development in transportation services, investments in telecommunication and infrastructure with an emphasis on high-capacity bearing networks and its marriage with the standard of living and high disposal income of the people make Austria top the chart on the quality of life in Europe. Maximally flexible working environment and the pleasant approach towards investments, Austria is an optimal hub for an enterprise. For more information on the business-setup in Austria, get in touch with one of our lawyers in Dubai or any of our international offices


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Global Company Formation