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Belgium is centrally located on the European Continent. Its economic structure reflects the developments that have taken place in the continent. When it comes to trade in the EU, its economic significance is prominent. The economy is service oriented and is a flourishing marketplace which leads to strong integration with the globalised world. Belgium has an open economy with a developed road network and a diversified industrial and commercial sector. Foreign investors have attractive opportunities for investments in different industries and sectors. It is known for its technology sectors and is also home for life sciences. As a founding member of the European Union, Belgium has access to European decision-makers, and plays a decisive international role.
The country acts as a main transit zone for movement of goods in the European Union. The government encourages foreign investment in the country. It follows an investment friendly policy that helps the domestic and foreign investors to invest in the country without any hesitation. A young workforce, who is known for its flexibility, knowledge of multiple languages, versatile to changing work conditions and environment, is central to the country’s development. Businesses cooperate with universities and technical schools to give an impetus to research, and train the youth to be employable in a global marketplace. With the tax regime founded on global equity, affordable cost of living, investments in living space, education, healthcare and one of the best distribution location in the Europe, it’s the most the suitable place to start your business.
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